Reclaim your zest for life !

 Become the ‘Real You’


LifeSmith Coaching is about helping you make the changes within so you can feel better.

Our world is offering up reasons to be stressed, anxious, worried and be depressed more than ever before.

It is time to feel the joy, peace and enjoyment of life once again.

I work mainly with women of all walks of life, from approximately 20-80 years of age, who struggle with depression’
anxiety, stress, trauma and other conditions who want to
release it once and for all!

I work with people in business who are finding it difficult to go to work and be productive, as well as find enjoyment in what they do.  This not only impacts the individual, but also the bottom line of the business.

Are you, or do you know someone who is struggling from these or
other debilitating negative emotions?
If so, it would be my joy to help you or others release & dissolve these!

Our lives are meant to be full of joy, simple and easy!



Instead of joy and happiness, we are living in pain, with more sickness, relying on pills, and running on a treadmill.  When is it going to stop?
No longer will you be struggling in the home, in business or in the workplace, when you begin this journey to peace, calm, and vitality. 
How I do this?
First a discovery session to find out what you are looking to change in your life, and to see if we “like” each other to work with. (20-30 mins)

I sit with you and I take you through my propriety process of 3 steps and in just a couple of sessions you are functioning well in your life again, and in the workplace. 

Even if you don’t believe it can happen, as long as you truly intend and want it to go, and are open to a change – then it can be done easily and quickly.  Many have experienced this. 
 Click here     See a video testimonial by Sibell after she released depression   

Let’s bring the joy, clarity, fun and openness back to life!!



                           Release  Overwhelm                                           Bring In The Joy                                           

Some Testimonials

“What can I say, I was going to send flowers to thank you, but that can’t possibly be enough. I don’t know how to thank you for your invaluable help; how do you put a price on the freedom you have given me? I feel now I can take on anything, anyone, any time.” – Tina Parker CSPTM, N.S. Canada

“This testimonial if for my son who is a wonderful boy and has been labelled with ADHD and OCD. He has struggled emotionally and socially. Since working with the special methods/tools Lynne uses, he seems less impulsive and fearful of bugs and germs. In fact he just seems happier,calmer and much more confident. This has been noted by everyone in his life from family members and friends to his teachers.Sheila Tanner, Beaverbank, NS Canada

In each session with Lynne, her wonderful tools and empathetic guidance helped me shift and begin finding solutions to these issues. Things began to change immediately after each session, and I felt so much better.

I highly recommend Lynne as a coach for any difficulty you may be facing in life; she is very compassionate and effective!” – Kathlene McDonald, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada 

“I have been on quite a few medications for something I suffer with. I went to Lynne because she had amazing results with a friend of mine clearing claustrophobia she had for a long time. After going through an exercise, and stating some affirmations and intentions, I left not knowing what to think. I saw Lynne about three weeks later and I gave her a huge hug. She did not realize the gift she had given me. I am down to only 2 medications now, and am feeling so much clearer and healthier”. Katie T. Halifax, N.S. Canada 

It was uncanny how she helped me crystallize and focus my thoughts into something that I can understand and work toward with clarity and confidence – it was a wonderful process.” – Jeff Traver, District Manager- Eastern Region Miller Waste Systems Canada

Let me Help You 

  • ““My daughter has a parathyroid disorder that effects the balance of calcium in her body. When it is low she is shaky, her hands tingle and her teeth ache. She has even had small vacant seizures. After one treatment with the oils she reported a great calmness throughout her body ...”
    - Shelley T. N.S. Canada

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  • “That was just amazing! I had the roughest day today. Your voice was so soothing and so calming. I feel kind of floating.
    Thank you so much- it was really great. I look forward to lots more.”

    - Maureen (Mo) Caul

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