“It’s all about finding the calm within the chaos”

The Power to Change

The New Perspecitive

Being both a business coach and life coach, it didn’t take long to realize what’s inside of us, shows outwardly. What I found in both busiess and in the persoanl life of clients, is the effects that events, other people’s beliefs, and having to be someone they really aren’t inside, affected their lives, happiness and effectiveness at work.

As you can see by the business testimonials below, what we change inside also affects what we are able to change outside of us and in our business and personal relationships.

As I was working in coaching, new tools came out that could help change people’s lives in such dramatic ways that I had to find out more.

New healing tools that can affect all areas of your life

I am very excited to introduce you to an incredible healing tool that can affect every area of your life.  It is so simple to use, and helps the body heal. They release unwanted emotions such as anxiety, stress, depresion and guilt, and support the release of mental patterns that keep you in repetitive cycles of self-destruction.

They even take out pain you feel in the body as most pain is caused through emotions.

Although these oils are not taken into business, the effect of these oils are unlike anything else–not only do they affect the wearer, but also shift people around you when used regularly….hard to believe…..but it happens.

This tool is Fragrance Alchemy– New high vibrational healing oils for our present time. Healing tools had to change to adapt to a higher vibrational potency of frequency and light that is here.  Brought out in 2013 by the seer and mystic Almine, these oils are already in 23 countries in the world and have been spearheaded by lightworkers in these countries. The results have been outstanding.

No other oils on the planet can remotely come close to the potency and vibrational healing that these are able to provide.  Even the purest essential oils we have known so far, do not come close in any type of comparison!!

Fragrance Alchemy is so powerful, it has recently been tested in a lab in Taiwan, and has been said to be the highest vibrating substance known on earth. Whereas the leading therapeutic essential oils test between 5-7 MHz, the Fragrance Alchemy oils test beyond 16 Megahertz.

These oils have been calibrated to high potency and high vibrational frequency to clear the physical body of negative emotions, beliefs and patterns that people have been repeating or suppressing within themselves for years.

This has led to bodies becoming very dense, sluggish, with stagnancy causing pain, because these negative patterns collect and remain in the body unless they are released and dissolved.

They also address the dissolution of toxins and invasive parasites that affect the mind and cause brain fog, depression, and keep us in stress reactions.

You will find more about these oils on the page Fragrance Alchemy.     

Leadership Coaching click for more

  • Developing teams and mentoring new leaders
  • Self-empowered effective teams
  • Open environment that welcomes new ideas and innovation
  • Strong and open communication with accountability
  • Hands on learning
  • Knowing the tangible, measurable results

Life Coaching  click for more

What events, beliefs and patterns are you holding onto and are these interfering in your life now?

  • When you look in the mirror, who or what do you see? Are you critical of this person or positive towards him/her?
  • What are you thinking or believing about others when you first meet them?
  • Do you have times of guilt, fear, anger, depressison?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed, losing control, frustrated or becoming easily irritated?

Sometimes we just feel stuck in our everyday lives and jobs, whether it be with family, friends or co-workers. This is not the real you inside…..just patterns and beliefs that we often carry. Through life coaching techniques, you can experience changing and releasing these.

Entrepreneurial Coaching click for more

  • Finding where you are now?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What are you feeling or believing about what you are doing? Looking for blocks
  • Bring in new ideas and perspectives, as well as creativity

Testimonials  click for more

“From the moment I met you Lynne, I knew you were someone different than the pack of consultants that I had known from my past life. You got it!! You understood that beneath the labels like leader or manager or welder, or whatever – the thing that we sometimes forget is that we are all people.

You can teach all of the techniques in the world, but without a bit of empathy, without truly communicating on a human level, you will fall short.

I am so pleased you worked with this wonderful group. You taught them, you challenged them, and most of all you inspired them. They are all different than when they started this course, and best of all, you have taken a bunch of supervisors and molded them into a supervision team. Great Job!!” – Doug Howe, Bus. Dev. /Project Mgr., Marid Industries Limited

“This course has deepened my appreciation of the complexities of daily interactions between myself and my co-workers. I feel better equipped to handle situations I have shied away from in the past.” – Sheldon Butler Production Foreman, Marid Industries Limited

“Our coach, Lynne Smith has been nothing short of amazing! She has inspired the team with her positive approach, open style of teaching, customized course material…and many of our colleagues (both front line staff and the operational managers) have commented on what a change they have seen in their relationships both at work and home.” – Robert Goldsworthy, Director of Operations,Atlantica Hotel


Let me Help You 

  • ““My daughter has a parathyroid disorder that effects the balance of calcium in her body. When it is low she is shaky, her hands tingle and her teeth ache. She has even had small vacant seizures. After one treatment with the oils she reported a great calmness throughout her body ...”
    - Shelley T. N.S. Canada

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  • “That was just amazing! I had the roughest day today. Your voice was so soothing and so calming. I feel kind of floating.
    Thank you so much- it was really great. I look forward to lots more.”

    - Maureen (Mo) Caul

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