“My passion is to have you experience – “a change within”…letting go of stress, anxiety, past trauma, and internal blocks so you can feel better about YOU and quiet the mind.”

Timely History Happening:  At this time in the history of the Earth, the vibration in which the earth exists has changed. All of our existences is based on ‘vibration’. …the earth, us and the Angelic Realms. This is allowing the higher vibration in which the Angelic Realms exists to come and anchor into earth.

This centres on our consciousness and raises its vibration. The consciousness of the Angelic Realms, and our consciousness, are becoming closer allowing a sense of wonder and change to happen within us. More and more we are becoming aware of the Oneness…it is mentioned much more openly and often now.

The programs and Fragrancy Alchemy Oils that you find here, tap into the Angelic Realms. Whether it is to transform, release, manifest or grow, they have all been put together with the consciousness of the Angelic Realms.

The tools, should you desire to adopt them for yourself, are taught here as well.

Learn How To:  ”Transform, Heal, Manifest and Grow”

Stop Trying this way!   ”Intellectually Trying to Change” (head is only 9% of body intelligence)

  • The stories of unpleasant past and memories
  • Pain and worrying emotions
  • The shoulds, have to, must, need to
  • “release the gremlins ” :-)

Start learning: ” A New Way of Being”

  • Calm, balance and peace
  • A higher frequency within
  • Enjoying more youthfulness
  • Feeling emotionally stronger!
  • The steps to manifest

Easy 4-Step Action Plan To Begin:

Emotional Healing -  from 3 levels at once

(physical body, thinking in the mind, and emotional)

1. First Step:
  • Feel how your body is…what is it telling you?
  • Understand why your body is tensing up or not feeling good
  • Take a deep breath and be calm
2. Figure Out What Do You Want To Change?
  • What do you want to be different?
  • How are you reacting to others or situations?
  • Are you carrying hurts, anger or resentments?
3. Make A Choice:
  • Choose to let it go!
  • Begin to feel better inside about you
  • Have a passion for what you do and love life
4. Find a coach:
  • To help you release internal resistance, along with the angelic realms
  • To guide you to release things from your body, your emotions and your thinking all at once
  • To instruct you on how to use these methods and have these tools for your own personal life

It is up to you!…..Transform your life – awaken to your values and truth – from within

Sample Testimonials:

“I just want to thank you for tonight’s session. It was phenomenal. I was extremely tense for the last couple of days. Lots of emotions stirred up and lots to let go of still. This will come, I know it will. You were a natural doing this web session… Congrats to you…. It was like having you sit next to me and going through the webinar. Loved it beyond expectations!!- Jeannette Doucette, Prince Edward Island

“As I worked on my particular issue, it allowed me to release emotions that I have been harbouring for a long time. I want to come back and participate in more workshops. Many thanks to you Lynne for your guidance and help with healing…in both my mind and spirit!” Carol S.P. Halifax

“I’m convinced I met Lynne to aid me in my spiritual growth. She is more than a Life Coach! I was lucky enough to get to know her through a close group of blessing givers that I will always cherish. I had a session with Lynne to help me clear negative emotions I’ve been carrying over lifetimes! She guided me through to a safe place using wonderful imagery that made me feel totally relaxed and at peace with myself for the first time in years. What was even more helpful was knowing I could now access other feelings anytime I wanted by repeating the exercise she put me through. Thank you Lynne for sharing your gifts with me!” June Petillo, Connecticut