The New Paradigm Shift – and how recognize it and move with it?

We are in a new paradigm shift – a heart-centered consciousness that can alter the way you relate and act in your day-to-day life. It is a rising vibration that raises your consciousness, and these changing vibrations affect your thinking, feeling, and acting.

 You need to let go of who and what you have been in order to allow the REAL you to come in.
This time is for an awakening to the truth of who you are.
To learn to be present to yourself within, at all times.

As you turn inward you discover self-love as the source of your own fulfillment, and you are able to make peace within your heart. You become the REAL you, stepping away from the neediness of belonging to a ‘tribe’, to flourish as YOU and needing external validation or acceptance.

You have been taught to please others, rely on others, do for others and meet their expectations whenever is possible.  That takes you AWAY from who you are within.

“The only thing we “add” to life by our resistance to it is the weight of a self-induced suffering born of needless worry.” – Guy Finley

Here is a question:

How often has your heart urged you to try or do something and your mind steps in and tells you not to or that you can’t do it? This creates a negative belief and you give in to it because you do not see the choice. You do have a choice ….. it is just that this negative belief makes you feel there is none.

This new paradigm we are now in is heart-centered as opposed to linear mind thinking. Linear mind thinking was the old way, the ego was in control.

How do you find your way into awakening to this new shift? You need to look at those things that no longer serve you within….here are a few

How these affect you:

  • Guilt, disappointment, sadness, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, joylessness
  • Insecurity, shame, blame, neediness, victimization, self-pity, feeling unfulfilled
  • Inability to let go of the past and move on, lack of self-confidence

If you feel tension anywhere in your body, this is a sign of stress, or resistance which keeps you stuck and by the way, also causes aging.

These feelings signify a need to purge attachments to finding validation outside of our self, to discover the true depth of fulfillment that comes from within.

So how do we get the tension and stress out of the body?  Well some good ideas are physical activity, yoga, meditation, good eating habits and taking breaks and enjoying the outdoors.

I like to go one step further.  :-)


  • Learn to release from within (all levels) the negative emotions that you carry which include thinking, feeling and acting.
  • Through new processes and tools you are able to feel more joy, experience greater synchronicity, be healthier, and more integrated within.
  • You realize you are able to harmonize with your current circumstances ensuring your highest growth, evolution and internal happiness. In other words, learning to live each moment with love, wonder, gratitude and praise naturally.

There are tremendous brand new tools available to help you quickly dissolve the old and move to an open, adventurous, and enjoyable future.  However you have to really want to let go of the mirrors, the distortions and the old belief patterns that you have been taught. Many of these are just stories that you have bought into.

Some of you may be looking for something that is tugging at you inside.  You are not sure what it is, but you know where you are now, is not where you are meant to be….this is a perfect place to start that journey.

Some changes to consider:

  • Release all attachments to the past….they are gone ..hold onto the gems only.
  • Leave the future ahead very open and flexible, as each day is new
  • Be willing to learn to live in the present moment…..release the chatter from the mind
  • Dissolve all the negative emotions, beliefs and patterns….from all levels
  • Become new to openness, adventure, self-love, and knowing that you are part of something much larger
  • Know that there is no right or wrong, no mistakes……that all is in perfection on the path you are on

Some questions to ponder.

Easy Steps

1. Figure Out What You Want To Release…feel inside as you read these. (Get out of your head!)

  • Are you carrying inside of you – hurts, anger, frustration, guilt, anxiety, blame, shame or stress?
  • Are you feeling loss, abandonment, insecurity, just coping with life, financial woes?
  • Do you wake up feeling pain in joints, body aches and feeling that coping daily is difficult?

2. How would you feel if you….?

  • Had no chatter in the mind and felt more peaceful daily
  • All hurts, traumas, negative emotions and false stories you have been were gone
  • Felt more creative,  relaxed, healthier and adapted easily to what is ahead
  • Woke up loving life and being in sincere gratitude for the life you have.

All these you can have and experience.  This is the new reality that this new Paradigm Shift brings in……however it is also a time for co-creation of this new life.  So…you have a direct part in your evolution in it.  No one can do this for you. These new tools have been specifically designed for this and work amazingly.

It is up to you!…..Transform your life – awaken to your values and truth – from within

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Sample Testimonials:

“My son is a wonderful boy who has been labelled with OCD and ADHD. He has struggled emotionally and socially. Since working with the new Fragrance Alchemy oils, he seems less impulsive and fearful of bugs and germs. In fact, he seems happier, calmer and much more confident. This has been noted by everyone in his life from family members, and friends to his teachers.”  Shelley T. Nova Scotia Canada

“I’m convinced I met Lynne to aid me in my spiritual growth. She is more than a Life Coach!! I was lucky enough to get to know her through a close group of blessing givers that I will always cherish. I had a session with Lynne to help me clear negative emotions I’ve been carrying over lifetimes! She guided me through to a safe place using wonderful imagery that made me feel totally relaxed and at peace with myself for the first time in years. What was even more helpful was knowing I could now access other feelings anytime I wanted by repeating the exercise she put me through. Thank you Lynne for sharing your gifts with me!” June Petillo, Connecticut

What the blue heron stands for: –These are ideal for us all to attain

The blue heron lives in timelessness, eliminating gaps, and in self-sovereign poise. Qualities of the blue heron include calm, grace, solitude, patience, lengetivity, versatility, tranquility, partnership, intelligence, domesticity, being present, determination, independence, and resourcefulness.