“My passion is to have you release–  negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, past trauma, obsolete patterns and beliefs  so you can feel better about YOU. These affect you personally,  your relationships  and your business success.  Learn to live without emotionality, old beliefs about you should do and must do, and getting caught in drama.  Feel your life more positive, relaxed and confident.

We are living in changing times and it is important to be able to release the stress in your life, be open to new possibilities, welcome change, become more collaborative as well as more fluidic.

If you feel tension anywhere in your body, this is a sign of stress, or resistance which keeps you stuck and also causes aging.

The way you did things in the past, whether it be in business or in your personal life, will not work the same. You are no longer a business that is out to be competitive….now it is all about collaboration.  In business, if you are finding yourself swimming upstream against the current…you are in resistance with your business…and that does not work . Are you hanging onto your past? This also is keeping you stuck. As we continually grow and evolve, why bring in things from the past that represent only mediocrity today?

There are tremendous tools available to more quickly dissolve the old and move to an open, adventurous, and enjoyable future.  If you are thinking of your future in terms of what you’ve known, you not actively and powerfully engaging with it.

Isn’t it time to get the chatter out of your head?  This causes stress, aging and tiredness. Silencing the mind and being at peace living in the moment is how we are meant to live.

If you are willing to make the changes that you need to, so you can feel more confident, stress-free and enjoy working on your business, you have found the right place to be.

The programs offered here are at different levels, depending on where you are or want to be. Some of the tools, should you desire to adopt them for yourself, are given to you to work with at any time. These are the tools for going deeper within on a personal level.

There are two categories of “Interest”

Personal Emotional Interest for All:

This is for those who want to go deeper to release negative emotions and obsolete beliefs and still/silence the mind.

1. Figure Out What You Want To Release…feel inside as you read these.

  • Are you carrying inside of you hurts, anger, frustration, guilt, anxiety, blame, shame or stress?
  • Are you feeling loss, abandonment, insecurity, just coping with life, financial woes?
  • Do you wake up feeling pain in joints, body aches and feeling that coping daily is difficult?
  • Are you ready to start feeling better and wake up loving life and being in sincere gratitude for life?

2. Release From All Levels - at one time- (thinking, feeling and cellular in the body)

  • Learn to ‘still the mind’ – let the chatter go…it keeps you in the old paradigm - get into peaceful living
  • Release the hurts, traumas, negative emotions and stories you have been told you felt you had to live up to
  • Become more creative, learn to relax, become healthier and adapt easily to what is ahead
  • Experience new techniques and modalities that easily release and dissolve the old patterns and habits

Business Interest:    Easy 2-Step Action Plan To Begin:

1. Figure Out What You Want To Change

  • Is your business growing easily and client/customers are flowing in to find you?
  • Are you putting more time in trying to get things done, and still nothing is working?
  • Where is your focus….do you feel you are sliding backwards?
  • Bottom line….are you happy with the way your business and life are going?

2. What is your body telling you?

  • Is your body tensing up a lot….feel your shoulders, your stomach, is your jaw clenched?
  • Do you know inside things are not working…and looking for help on this?
  • Choose to let all that go and make a change to feel better and become more effective in your business.

It is up to you!…..Transform your life – awaken to your values and truth – from within

Read new upcoming programs for starting on this path

Sample Testimonials:

“I went to Lynne not knowing what I wanted. I had accomplished many of the goals I had set for myself when I was 18, both personally and in my career, and was feeling stagnant. What I came away with after a few short sessions was a renewed sense of direction, along with the belief that I can accomplish so much more. The most interesting aspect of Lynne’s approach was an exercise that helped me describe my many dreams and goals in detail. It was uncanny how she helped me crystallize and focus my thoughts into something that I can understand and work toward with clarity and confidence – it was a wonderful process.” - Jeff Traver, District Manager- Eastern Region Miller Waste Systems

“I’m convinced I met Lynne to aid me in my spiritual growth. She is more than a Life Coach! I was lucky enough to get to know her through a close group of blessing givers that I will always cherish. I had a session with Lynne to help me clear negative emotions I’ve been carrying over lifetimes! She guided me through to a safe place using wonderful imagery that made me feel totally relaxed and at peace with myself for the first time in years. What was even more helpful was knowing I could now access other feelings anytime I wanted by repeating the exercise she put me through. Thank you Lynne for sharing your gifts with me!” June Petillo, Connecticut


What the blue heron stands for: -These are ideal for us all to attain

The blue heron lives in timelessness, eliminating gaps, and in self-sovereign poise. Qualities of the blue heron include calm, grace, solitude, patience, lengetivity, versatility, tranquility, partnership, intelligence, domesticity, being present, determination, independence, and resourcefulness.