Time for the “true authentic you” to come out!


Are you someone who has lost your “Zest for Life”?
Are you living your passion?

Do you know someone who is struggling from anxiety or depression
guilt, anger, feeling loss or other negative feelings?


If so, I can help you or them, reclaim it!


Do you want to change your thoughts and beliefs to freedom and empowerment?
Do you want guidance in how to move forward in life or in your businss?


Our lives are meant to be full of joy, simple and easy!



Instead of joy and happiness, we are living in pain, with more sickness, relying on pills, and running on a treadmill. The ‘ego’ has taken over and is driving us.  We look around and see so many in overwhelm, wondering when is it going to stop.

We are the only ones that can take charge of our lives.  It is time to go inside and let our bodies tell us how we are feeling. We have everything within us that we need…..we have just never been taught how to use this amazing gudiance systems. Instead we have been taught to look externally for everything….however the body has wonderful mechanisms to heal. Come and find out how to get back to the authentic you.


 Whatever we change inside also affects what we are able to change outside of us
Let’s bring the joy, clarity, fun and openness back to life!!



                    Release  Overwhelm                                           Bring In The Joy                                           


“I want to let you know that you did a great job helping me through all of these changes. You had my brain derailed from its previous set of tracks, and I don’t feel trapped, or on a treadmill, or suffocated. I have 2 weeks left at my place of employment, and I can feel my chest beginning to loosen. All this thanks to you. I appreciate it. You have a wonderful gift.” – Rob S. Halifax, NS, Canada

“This testimonial if for my son who is a wonderful boy and has been labelled with ADHD and OCD. He has struggled emotionally and socially. Since working with the oils and having a session of Krihanash (special for the oils and meridians) he seems less impulsive and fearful of bugs and germs. In fact he just seems happier,calmer and much more confident. This has been noted by everyone in his life from family members and friends to his teachers.Sheila Tanner, Beaverbank, NS Canada

“Our coach, Lynne Smith has been nothing short of amazing! She has inspired the team with her positive approach, open style of teaching, customized course material…and many of our colleagues (both front line staff and the operational managers) have commented on what a change they have seen in their relationships both at work and home.” – Robert Goldsworthy, Director of Operations,Atlantica Hotel

It was uncanny how she helped me crystallize and focus my thoughts into something that I can understand and work toward with clarity and confidence – it was a wonderful process.” – Jeff Traver, District Manager- Eastern Region Miller Waste Systems Canada

Let me Help You 

  • ““My daughter has a parathyroid disorder that effects the balance of calcium in her body. When it is low she is shaky, her hands tingle and her teeth ache. She has even had small vacant seizures. After one treatment with the oils she reported a great calmness throughout her body ...”
    - Shelley T. N.S. Canada

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  • “That was just amazing! I had the roughest day today. Your voice was so soothing and so calming. I feel kind of floating.
    Thank you so much- it was really great. I look forward to lots more.”

    - Maureen (Mo) Caul

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