Life Coaching..

Life coaching, assists clients to find fulfillment, satisfaction, contentment and happiness within their respective life circumstances. A trained coach uses a variety of methods, tailored to the client, to achieve desired results.  The results are feeling healthier, gain personal growth and development, gain a sense of purpose and focus, break through barriers that hold you back and builds self-confidence and self-esteem….to name a few.

Inner Mastery Coaching and Healing..

If you suffer from any kind of trauma. deep grief, anxiety, stress, or even sexual abuse. this is a great way to have it released from the cellular level of the body, while removing beliefs that have hindered the emotions  (because that is where you feel it) and it brings in new perspectives. It works with the new healing modalities/techniques of light and frequency.  These are brand new healing tools that came out in the past few years to replace what no longer had the power for the depth of healing needed.  It is wonderful to know that these new healing modalities are being used in 23 countries in the world now.

We call this Alchemy as it effects many levels at the same time. It is not about theory or effort, but allows our internal truth to become aligned in us…..making it easier to always be in truth. It changes our lifestyle and gives us a brand new “self-awareness”.

The effects of Stress
Many people are already familiar with the fact that emotional stress can lead to stomach aches, headaches, and migraines…..but may not know that it can also cause other physical ailments and even chronic pain. Often physical pain warns a person there is still emotional work to be done.  Feel the parts of your body that ache and give you grief. Next time you are in physicl pain, try looking inside…feel to see what you are thinking, what you are holding onto or what emotions you may be suppressing. Pain acts as a spiritual warning sign that there is some healing that is needed to be addressed inside.

Whatever is holding you back….this is all being held within you. With a variety of tools that are offered, and through a holistic approach, I am sure you will find what you are looking for that will meet your expectations.

If this happens to be you……then ask yourself if you are ready to let any of those negative emotions, patterns or beliefs go, to have a better life. Negative emotions effect the body in weight, illness, and pain.


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What Others are Saying

  • ““My daughter has a parathyroid disorder that effects the balance of calcium in her body. When it is low she is shaky, her hands tingle and her teeth ache. She has even had small vacant seizures. After one treatment with the oils she reported a great calmness throughout her body ...”
    - Shelley T. N.S. Canada

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  • “That was just amazing! I had the roughest day today. Your voice was so soothing and so calming. I feel kind of floating.
    Thank you so much- it was really great. I look forward to lots more.”

    - Maureen (Mo) Caul

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