What Is Inner Mastery Coaching?

It is a very gentle way of working with the new healing modalities/techniques of light and frequency. It is an inspired journey of humility, and honest self-examination. Living in innocence, embracing life, unselfconsciousness, releasing resistance to life is our new focus.

Is this for you?

If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or any kind of trauma. this is a great way to have it released from not only the mind, but out of the body as well, so that it is finally gone. People who I have helped have had PTSD, Claustrophobia, a boy with ADHD and OCD and a woman that was sexually abused. Those are my special clients.

Inner feelings are:  guilt, needing to please, feeling like a victim, neediness, blame, unworthiness. not speaking your truth but suppressing it, anger, fear, depression, trauma and sadness are just to name a few.

Whatever it is….this is all being held in you…in the body. There are no magic potions….just incredible tools to release and dissolve this from you. By keeping these in, many find they are overweight, take many medications, have sickness, are aging faster, and are not happy with life…..because that is what negative emotions do.  All this ties in to what you are believing about yourself. We are shifting into a ‘new time’, and all this needs to go!

If this happens to be you……then ask yourself if you are ready to let any of those negative emotions go, from all levels of you, to have a better life. Are you fed up holding all that? Are you ready and willing to change your life, and are serious about it….then this is for you.

Let me Help You

Some Programs Offered

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What Others are Saying

  • ““My daughter has a parathyroid disorder that effects the balance of calcium in her body. When it is low she is shaky, her hands tingle and her teeth ache. She has even had small vacant seizures. After one treatment with the oils she reported a great calmness throughout her body ...”
    - Shelley T. N.S. Canada

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  • “That was just amazing! I had the roughest day today. Your voice was so soothing and so calming. I feel kind of floating.
    Thank you so much- it was really great. I look forward to lots more.”

    - Maureen (Mo) Caul

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