Webinars for Releasing the Gremlins Within

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Tuesday, April 1st at 7:00pm – 8:00pm ADT, 6:00pm – 7:00pm EDT 
Clearing Birth Trauma from the Brain, Skull and Spine
This is being done from the Highest Order of Angels that are newly evolved from the new reality.…these are not the essential oils used in therapy, but much more potent oils. These oils create a field around you that make it easier to sustain a higher vibration. This will assist to clear old geometries and memoriess that trap old patterns, birth trauma, and genetic memories from birth and skull.

Tuesday, March 25th at 7:00pm – 8:00pm ADT
Releasing Negative Emotions from the Meridians of the body.
These 12 meridians are connected with the 12 major organs of our body and are associated with personality and our emotions.  This webinar will also bring in the Fragrance Alchemy…these are not the essential oils used in therapy, but much more potent oils.

There is going to be 7 more webinars coming.  We had our first one March 11th…last evening to a group world wide as well as some from around our HRM. It is so interesting to hear the stories of how people shifted and released what has been bothering them for years.  These next two webinars are available free of charge, so that people have a chance to see what they are all about.  After that, there will be a cost to be on the webinar.


Finding Peace in Life

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Our way to peace is in the understanding that it cannot be found in the world, but resides within each and every one of us. Our inner peace is the knowledge of who we are. We often struggle to find peace in our world, but it  already exists in us…not out there. Go into your inner heart and there you will find peace, and you will notice how it radiates out to our families, friends, communities, etc. Peace leads to the discovery of our true self within and the love that we are.

What really holds us back?

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I like to call it the ‘final frontier’.  It is located between our ears, and it is what we repeatedly say to ourselves, about ourselves…whether we put ourselves down…to big, too skinny, not good enough, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety.. or the great things we believe about ourselves,… I feel good about myself, I can do anything I focus on, I feel such peace and happiness inside…it is those thoughts (chatter) in our head that create the feelings we have, and these can control us from being the best we can be in life, or help us to soar.  It’s like being on one side of the edge….we either are behind, or we have the edge to be great at whatever we choose to do.  There are simple ways to change this if you want to change your life….you just have to be ready to look in the mirror and say…”it’s time to fix this”. Then if you want, we can chat about it.

Release patterns of excess weight

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Often,what we think about ourselves, what we believe we have to be or not be, or an event in our life that changed our self-perception..these are just a few of the hidden reasons why we keep weight on.  You have the ability to change these beliefs or thoughts about yourself that are right inside of you. This will lead to shedding that excess weight and keeping it off!!  Hard to believe…yet it is true.  Only when you are ready to face the causes inside of you, will this work.  Like anything else, when you want to solve a problem, you need to go to the cause of that problem which is inside you, clear that cause and start to feel a new you.  All it takes is a call or email to get you started. This program has already worked for 60 participants. This is very new and effective.

Looking for a few committed people who really want to lose weight

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No diet pills, no diets, no exercise, no buying special foods…..simply determined to lose weight the way the body was meant to. This is a new program out – like nothing you have done before. The body has all the answers internally to have you become the person you would like to be. Most exessive weight is maintained through distortions of our thinking, feeling, personalities, and sub-conscious minds from beliefs we have learned early on in life. Our bodies are our natural healing source for weight. Tired of old methods and want results. Go to the life coaching tab at  for more information.

Success Strategies

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Download a free mp3 of me discussing ‘Success Strategies’ under the Business Tab at

or a direct download here!

Steps to become who you want to be

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It starts with what you are thinking.  You see, our thoughts and our beliefs about ourselves determine our outcome, results and experiences. Imagine your brain having two sides…one is the thinker and one is the prover.  So what the thinker thinks…the prover proves. A lot of this starts with the programming that we have put there over time from our family, our environment, our teachers and friends. Much of this started when we were young and we adopted these “limiting habits of thinking and patterns”, and we have never really looked at them since. If you look at things today….how much have you let the masses out there control you? Are you trying to keep up, be just like them, focus on more money, etc.?  My question for you is are you looking externally (outside of you) for success, wealth and happiness?  Have you found it?  Watch for my next post to continue this thought.

Our Workshop was great

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We had a great time last evening.  It was nice to see old friends as well as meet new people.  We enjoyed the input from the group, lots of energy in the room, a very positive evening and one comment back was that it was ‘electrifying’. Thank you to all who came out to partake in our Drive Your Success workshop.

Drive Your Success – only a few seats left

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The workshop is shaping up to be a fun, intimate, interactive and practical event with simple tips that will be helpful. Our deadline is this Friday, and the workshop goes on Tues. June 21st (first day of summer – yahoo!) from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Hub, 1550 Barrington St. Halifax.  This is a great way for leaders, sales people, entrepreneurs to kick off summer. We will be working “from within” as we are both life coaches – so this is a different approach.

Hope to see you next weekl :-)

Drive Your Success Workshop

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I am really getting excited about our workshop.  Looks like it is going to be fun.  Make sure you get a ticket, as seats are limited. It will be hosted at The Hub on Barrington St. in Halifax and 10% of our sales are going to be donated to Silent Witness Nova Scotia, raising awareness on domestic violence.  Check it out on LifeSmith Coaching website.