Certified Master Life Coach

Meet Coach Lynne

My Joy!

To listen to what it is that you want to be different in your life.
To uncover the blocks that are holding you back from being who you really want to be
Get to complete understanding, from your perpective, as to when this comes up
Then go to work and the two of us begin to clear this from “within” you
And then as a result:
Help you sense/feel the change within and get a whole new perspective on the issue/belief/pattern


Step 1 -Identify the issue: depression, anxiety, anger, fear, loss, grief, guilt or other negative emotions, and pain in the body.   
Step 2 –Using new methods and tools, we go through a gentle proprietory program of a guided meditation where you are in charge of what you want to release. 
Step -3 After the meditation we note the difference from what you initially felt in the body to what it feels like now.  It always moves to feeling lighter or being not there anymore.  Sometimes it comes out in one visit….sometimes it takes 2-3 visits

This is the work I do to help you achieve who you want to be.


Personal Story

Graduate of McGill University – Physical Education Teacher,Sports Coach
Started out in coaching as a Certified Business Coach – 1999
Became a Certified Master Life Coach – NLP & Timeline Training – 2004
Became a Energy and evolutionary Healer – 2012 – present
Introduced to new healing methods that allow me to work remotely, globally – 2013-now

Just imagine if there were no limits on what you could do. Imagine it, feel it – wouldn’t that feel good?  Look at where boundaries have been placed on you or where you have allowed them.  Things have happened to you in your past….where are they now?  Do you still think of them…..and are there still emotions linked to them?  These are the type of things to let go of.  These need to be release from within you. The body holds all the emotions, patterns and behaviors that cause you to not feel good. And if they linger too long, then pain and dis-ease can set in.

Please share this information if you know of anyone that can benefit from these new powerful healing tools to bring back health, happiness and positive energy. 



“Lynne is like a little energizer bunny and being in her space is a joy. The lessons I have learned from Lynne in just 3 short sessions would have saved me 10 years of counseling and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. I had a challenge with claustrophobia, and had sought every form of treatment…whatever was offered…I tried it!! I tried conventional and unconventional methods, and although Lynne may appear to be unconventional, her method works! I feel so free and will be forever grateful to Lynne”.  Dalene Allen, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Thank you so much Lynne you did a terrific job !! I really needed that clearing. Lots of shadows popped up so it felt good to disolve them. Looking forward to the next call.”- Tracy Cormier New Brunswick, Canada

“Thank you Lynne for this wonderful experience. I managed to let go of my guilt feelings that have held me back from doing my Mary Kay business. It has given me a new perspective in life and I know I can go out and do it now.” Edith Kennedy, Ontario

Step outside the box and see what a difference it can make. I can guarantee you will be thankful that you did. Michele McQuaid. Timberlea, Nova Scotia, Canada

If you would like to know more:

I work with groups, do workshops, run programs as well as work one-on-one. On line, I am on Skype at lifesmithcoaching (handle for Skype),  I work by phone as well.   Connect