Certified Master Life Coach

Meet Coach Lynne

“I believe in two simple elements that make everyone feel valued and successful in an organization. We can teach people skills “to do” a job, however, the second element will keep them and motivate them “to be” who they aspire to become”

My career began when I graduated from McGill University with a degree in Physical Education.  I had the opportunity to work in this field for 4 years. Then my husband and I began a family, and were moving around quite a lot, so I substitute taught and became involved in coaching sports.

As they grew into their teens, I acquired a position as District Manager for a National Manufacturing Company where our office in  Nova Scotia excelled from 19th to number 2 out of 25 offices in Canada.

I left that organization  to be on my own, providing business coaching for other organizations.

Certified Business Coach

Business coaching is necessary for many companies and small businesses to embrace change within. I had the opportunity to work in board rooms, construction companies, communications, real estate merger, hotels, non-for-profits, as well as for small businesses.

Certified Master Life Coach

“After spending years as a Certified Business Coach and Certified Master Life Coach, what really makes the difference for individuals is what is inside them.”

Coaching on a personal level for managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners

  • Understand what inspires people from the inside
  • How they see themselves fitting in or beginning something new
  • Help them to make a personal map
  • Find out what is holding them back in life and work
  • Creative – outside the box thinking
  • Coach and mentor authentic leadership
  • Utilize natural strengths and interests for success

 Changing cultures and individuals

Emotions and beliefs run patterns in people, and these can affect their work. Emotions such as anxiety, frustration disappointment interfere with performance, absenteeism and connectedness to others.  Acknowledge people’s strenghts, talents and abilities and let them know how their unique talents add value.  At the same time, if there are some areas that need to be changed, this also is recognized and coached through for success.

Building more self-confidence in recognizing a job ‘well-done’, fostering positive attitudes, and recognizing the authentic contribution that inspires them to move forward for greater success. This applies to all levels of an organization.  What is shown from the top, filters down through an organization.

“Being a Certified Master Life coach, I understand and look for the internal blocks that hold people back in life. Not only do I work in the cooporate world, but also with individual clients as well. It is the internal blocks that hold people back from success such as entrepreneurs, sales people, and leaders.  Internal blocks come in many areas, and we can choose to keep them with us, or release them.  This is the work I do.”

Enter the new tools

Now there are new tools that provide ways to release from the body, in a unique way, where all this is stored. Helping people through meditation processes, not only provides them a calming experience, but also new perspectives about any issue they are looking to change or release.

If you would like to know more, I can be reached at (902)830-2822 or at http://www.lifesmithcoaching.com

I work with groups, do workshops, run programs as well as work one-on-one. On line, I am on Skype at lifesmithcoaching (handle for Skype),  I work by phone as well.   Connect

“How do you define yourself – by what you have been or by what you are becoming?