Getting your personal power back

& Getting Unstuck


In business and in life!

  Do you know the importance of self-Love, self-respect & self-acceptance in your life?

“I am who I am”

“Your approval is not needed”

This is a perfect time to take a good look at what may be affecting your success in business and in life.  Christmas will soon be here and are you ready to stand your ground in all areas of your life?

  1. When you look in the mirror and look in your eyes….can you say “I truly love me…every part of me” and not only believe it but feel it in every cell of your body?
  2. Do you take in compliments with a ”thank you” or do you have a slightly negative reaction?
  3. Is it easier to give love than to accept it?
  4. What has your history/upbringing taught you, told you to be, expected you to be?
  1. Do you rely on an ‘identity’ to give you power? 
  2. At times do you give in just to keep the peace and not hurt another’s feelings?
  3. Are you suppressing what you really feel and want to say?
  4. What has your history/upbringing taught you, told you to be, expected you to be?

We will be delving into these areas through an open discussion.  We will be doing an exercise for you to practice on self-love. One of the things we want to do is to come into wholeness within ourselves. This means being true to who we are today, in the here and now. With all the new information that is coming out, things are changing rapidly in many areas of life. What may have been great at 5-6 years ago, may be not relevant today in the same way.  So we will look underneath some of these aspects. The important thing is for you to be who you are ‘authentically’. This is both in doing business and in living life. for yourself.

Power can be found within the stillness, the pauses and learning to become the observer you – learn how.

  • Are you who you really want to be in all areas of your life? Business, relationship, family, etc.
  • Do you find it a challenge to speak up in certain kinds of situations?
  • What does it mean to belong to a tribe?  Is dependency important to you?
  • What childhood trauma, teachings, events still haunt you and affect who you are?
  • Can you find continuing newness in life?

It is time to stop “hiding out” from who you really are . You each are unique individuals. You have the power within to change your life…..and when you do… change the lives of others around you.


It is a perfect time to stand up in your personal power

Are now being held in Ottawa

Date: Coming in December                                             Time: 1:30 – 3:00pm
Place: 1593 Louisburg St. Orleans                                 Cost:  $40.00 – includes tax
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Personal Power
$40.00 CAD

Testimonials below
Video testimonials Click here 

Program to Learn to clear the 12 main meridians from negative emotions, density & obsolete patterns in the body

This is a 16 week program, (one meridian per week plus two special start offs) which enables you to concentrate on one meridian per week, that affects a specific organ or others at the same time. Also there will be two intergration sessions, one mid-way and one at the end.

What will this do?

Take away all that you think you are not, so the real you can come in.
Allow you to start to express what you haven’t been able to before,  from situations or from the past.
Release the obsolete so you can move forward. We can re-write our stories.
Bring out your unique gifts… is time.

Weekly for the Meridians – Level 1

Know which meridian is holding specific negative emotions, patterns and beliefs
Learn where that meridian is, in the body and which organ it is associated with
Understand the positive qualities it gives when cleared – from leaking energy to reclaiming power
Practice the specific anitdote for the meridian
Use the affirmations given
Making changes from within, when we change today we also change this in the past.

On going resources through the program

– weekly sessions in a group approx. 90 minute session
– weekly dowloads  – PDFs and audios
– instructor availabilty for Q& A via email or Skype, or Zoom
– once per month – remote healing session ( 3 in total)

Product cost:   The 12-kit  Ordinary Meridian oils  $110.00 US +Taxes, Shipping   Click Here 

Program cost:  $792.00 

12 Meridians For Clearing Negative Emotions from the Body
$792.00 CDN

This program cost for the 12 meridian clearing can be paid weekly or monthly or all at one time. Payment options can be made available.  We can set this up.

Monthly payments each: $185.50.00 includes HST

Sixteen weekly payments each: $49.50 includes HST

To sign up for this program, you can pay through PayPal or etransfer money to


Comment from the  workshop on Releasing Overeating, Stress Eating.

          Sair Ching This session I attended and it was flippin awesome”

Other workshop comments

“Today I was trying to think of what the blockage was that I cleared in the evening and I couldn’t remember it…almost like it was never there. I am truly looking forward to learning more.” V.Mosher  Dartmouth 

Last night’s session was incredible! I have been much more happy and relaxed today. Lynne is warm, vibrant and very knowledgeable” W.P. Dartmouth N.S.

“When you asked us to rate the number of intensity within us out of 10, I was an 8-9.  When the process was over I could not detect a number.  I felt peaceful. The peaceful feeling was wonderful” M.McQuaid

In the last workshop of Discovering Your True Self, at the end of the meditation, I felt my anxiety had lifted and then slept better than I had for a long time that night”  I’ll be back. AprilBedford, N.S.

“I had a wonderful release from the Discovering Your True Self Workshop…..I could feel it just release right through my body” – Sandra B. Bedford, N.S.

Workshops offered:

1.Becoming your “Authentic” Self
2.Releasing Anxiety, Stress and Worry

3.Releasing Trauma from the Body
4.Overeating, Stress Eating and Cravings

Skype Group Sessions

This is limited to 4-5 people – 90 minute session

Releasing negative emotions that cause trauma, guilt and fear

Releasing negative emotions, thoughts and memories from past experiences takes courage and a decision to live a more abundant and happy life.  Do you find that no matter how many times you go to ‘talk it out’, it doesn’t leave?  That is because it is still in the body, and it will come up again emotionally many times. Unfortunately these can lead to sickness and pain within the body.

The big secret to clearing this:  It is not about the pain. It is the pain letting us know that something internally needs to be addressed that is causing us to feel badly.  These are being caused by negative emotions, patterns, and beliefs…and they need clearing from within.  It is not about healing, but about breaking down all the illusions and ‘stories’ you are living with. 

Past experiences have a huge affect on how you act, react, and try to live up to other’s expectations. There is a big list for all of these.  Basically it comes down to what you have been taken in from others – parents, teachers, friends, media, etc.

Skype Sessions: Four sessions to be offered for clearing

Pricing available upon request

This is a 90 minute workshop, with new insights, great discussion and going through an actual releasing which leaves you feeling very relaxed and feeling lighter.  If you have any questions, please contact me at:  4 sessions are provided and other sessions are available are available to be discussed for those who wish continued clearing.

Testimonials from previous workshops

“Thank you Lynne for this wonderful experience. I managed to let go of my guilt feelings that have held me back from doing my MK business. It has given me a new perspective in life and I know I can go out and do it now.” E.K.

“Lynne, an amazing feeling and experience. I have never felt and experienced this before…thank you so much.” DeAnna

“I was more relaxed than I had been in a long time. I released negative things that I didn’t even realize were there. I feel so much lighter. Thanks you.” Sandy

“I didn’t want to tell anyone what I was working on, but I can’t believe it has totally gone. I was really hurt and angry at some of my family regarding a situation, and have had that for years. When I try to get that feeling back now – it is not there!” Judith – Dartmouth, N.S.

“I have never been so relaxed and calm in years!!  I want another session!” C.A. Dartmouth

“I got clarity on something I have been working towards…how to do that next step.  That was great!”  D.P. Halifax

“From the workshop I realized where the blocks/barriers were coming from. I started the exercise you put us through with and 8 out of 10. Now I am waiting to see if it comes back. I thought the examples and personal experience was great and I am better able to understand myself”. J.W. Halifax

“The process was very peaceful and calming. I experienced changing from and 8 to a 2 in just the first time through. It was so nice to release something within, take time for myself and focus on myself”. D. J. Halifax

“Last night’s session was incredible! I have been much more happy and relaxed today. Lynne is warm, vibrant, and very knowledgeable”  W.P. Dartmouth

The pain that was around my heart area when I came into this session has completely gone.  I could feel the energy moving in me as it was releasing” R.M.

“I had pain across my chest with an intensity of 8-9 when we began.  I felt tingling in that area as we went through the process.  I cannot get that feeling of pain back…it is gone.” J. P. Halifax

“I enjoyed receiving a session with Lynne last night. It was very calming and revealing. The problem that I was having an 8 on the scale of 1-10 and went down to a 0 before the session ended. I was amazed at how the answer came to me so quickly and how quickly I could change my mind about “the problem”. I feel much brighter about this now and know that I simply have to only choose to perpetuate the “negative feeling” or make a different choice. I choose the one that makes me feel good!! Tammy M-West Jordan, Utah

Lynne, thank you for being available for our Clearing Session. This was a unique experience for me. The issues that surfaced seemed to have been core issues that have hampered my full expression for a lifetime. The experience of the these energies just flushing out of my system left me in a relaxed peaceful state that has stayed with me. Looking forward to the next moment with extra Joy of Life. Chris Dixon in Texas.

Lynne’s soothing voice guided me into a very relaxed state where I was able to release some deep seeded fear from issues stemming from childhood.  At the beginning of the session my anxiety level was near a 10 (where 10 is high), and after the short session with her it subsided to a 3 and continued to subside in the days following. I highly recommend a session with her if you are ready to let go of something that is holding you back.  Thank you Lynne. Cecilia K. Dana Point, California

Dear Lynne, I want to thank you for the guided meditation that was given in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. It helped me to uncover and identify behavior patterns that that very well may be slowing my down my spiritual growth. I received several insights that evening, and they apparently pulled a plug that allowed more to follow as I continue to have more insights, identifications and clarifications since then.  To speak metaphorically, it seems as though moving ‘sludge from an artery’, clears the pathways for searching and clearing out the veins as well. ALL for the better. I send this message from gratitude and with blessings for you. A.E. Jones  N.D.

Read testimonials from webinars and workshops