Healing Teleseminars/Webinars Offered

(These Healing Teleseminars are for small to medium sized gorups)

In teleseminars, you can learn how to heal the body using the Fragrance Alchemey oils through specific accupuncture points of the body. This is for those who would like to experience an opportunity to release a negative emotion, belief or trauma from the cellular level of the body.

More information on these amazing oils can be found here

We work through releasing with a guided meditation that prepares you to get out of your way from fear and resistance, by using an observer consciousness that exists at a deeper level of being. It re-establishes your connection to the deeper mind and the point where all potentials, including highest resolution or outcomes exist.

Along with this we bring in a Healing Symbol, which is a vast field of healing light/frequency/tone through which many angel beings work. When you ask for clarity, highest truth, heart opening, etc, without agenda, then it will work most powerfully.

The Fragrance Alchemy oils are transmitted to you, and are utilized remotely by you.

All this is done through a wonderful meditative process, so you can be at home going through this and shedding the ‘lower’ for a’ higher’ internal reordering, which releases the emotion, belief or pattern you are focusing on.

To be sent the link for this teleseminar and for payment please email: lynne@lifesmithcoaching.com or call (902) 830-2822.  A time will then be set for the group that will be available for all to attend.

Pricing available upon request.

For testimonials from clients on previous teleseminars below.

Fragrance Alchemy Oils 16 Week Program (On Skype/Zoom or held in a classroom setting) for
Fragrance Alchemy

Group sessions 

I like to offer is a special program to get everyone started. Oils are not included in the pricingThese prices reflect a group of participants. (16 week program) Minimum number 10 participants

For programs: 16 weeks -includes one week for each of the 12 meridians, plus two weeks to learn the new healing tool to deepen the process with the meridians.

  • Basic manual for the 12 meridian oils
  • Once a week sesion of 1 hour of interaction on the meridian we are working with- extra time for questions
  • Weekly PDF’s as we go along, with deeper information for expanding the healing in the body
  • Audios to listen to for utilizing a couple of different protocols
  • Start program with a special tool for healing that you will be attuned with
  • Discussions on what you are experiencing and understanding what is happening
  • Also a once a week a remote deep clearing session on the meridians for you.
  • Cost: $160.00 per month or $640.00 for the program. (minimum of 10 participants)

Private  personal session are $110.00 + tax (70 minutes) on line or with me here. If you want to have your own set of oils, these will need to be purchased.

Program for 16 week include:
-Weekly audio(s), video, PDF’ for further learning as well as an hour session on Zoom/Skype or in person
-Set of 12 oils which cost $110US plus tax and shipping….these last for 6-8 months.
Private sessions for the 16 weeks, is $1770.00 + tax includes oils and program materials.

Sample Testomonials from a teleseminar

Thanks Lynne for the session last night! I am deeply grateful for the clearing and integration underway. Love, Praise, & Gratitude! Yvonne Danjuma Mass. U.S.A.

“At first I thought nothing happened…I didn’t feel anything. My issue was the oppressive negative energy from my husband. I woke up in the morning and decided I was going to leave him. As the day went on I got clarity around this issue. I was not owning up to my authenticity. I was not standing up for myself. This was not his issue…it was mine. I don’t have to be fearful of any man…now I feel I am moving into self-sovereignty…that turned out to be quite a revelation for me…thank you Lynne.” Linda Morehouse, N.B. Canada

“This ceremony seems very cutting edge and much needed at this time for everyone. Many lightworkers are blogging about how they don’t seem to be “getting to” the new creation in spite of their best intentions and dedicated effort. And it’s no wonder, given all the assaults, implants and blockages in our meridians. Well, I know I feel quite emptied out now and blissful. Could barely move afterwards! Deep gratitude to each of you for everything you’re bringing to this group and humanity. The potential impact is astonishing! Ann Moffatt, Illinois USA

“In the beginning of the call you mentioned that our meridians are like water pipes bringing water to our house- I had quite an intense feeling during the call when you were stating the emotions, it was like the floodgates opened tonight for some of the meridians- I didn’t just think of one thing to release- I had many flow in and I would bring fragments of past all muddled together.

Also I had a very tense knotted upper back and shoulder for 2 to 3 days- when I rubbed the meridian point you mentioned, and said the affirmations, it was gone! I am very grateful for releasing that pain. Thank you so much for this session with our group. I am going to buy the oils” – Maureen Callaghan,, Ontario, Canada

It was a powerful process and I didn’t use the oils, but followed your process and opened to the angels. Another thing that was very neat is after the session, my husband and I went to the store and he asked me if I used the oils because he could smell them. I hadn’t even opened them and I could smell them as well. Testimony to the angels having the frequency of the oils. Thank you so much” ♥ Olivia Brooks- USA

“I loved the FA session this evening – as mentioned, I did feel very relaxed and relieved from some of the tension I have been experiencing lately and look forward to deeper shifts in the next few days. The q&a was helpful too!” – Ana Zaharia – New York, U.S.A.

“I can feel the difference…I feel lighter and have an inner knowing about my challenge now…and I didn’t have the oils. Thank you.” Rene – Venture, California, U.S.A.

“I could feel the energy in the oils as I was rubbing the points…and I don’t even have the oils…that is amazing.”- Annette K. – North Vancouver B.C., Canada