Releasing Through the 12 Meridians           

             Healing has changed
completely through Fragrance Alchemy

Releasing emotions through the 12 meridians brings in healing that happens alchemically and by resonance now. Working within a workshop or one-on-one it is what you are willing to release is how you add your part to the alchemical healing cauldron. The more you are willing to see clearly, to look at things as they are, to observe with self-compassion and emotional equanimity, and to release…the more blessings of healing you can experience.

New healing oils called Fragrance Alchemy (not to be confused with essential oils….these new ones are at a much higher vibration and frequency) are here to bring healing for the higher vibrations that some people are starting to feel. No other healing oils have this ability. Learn how they work to eliminate pain and negative emotions from your body, at a cellular level.

FA Program (12 weeks) Level 1  

Intentions: Old energy ways, when you transmit light or frequency it is part of the old reality. Now there is a higher healing that fuses Frequency and Light into Tonal Luminosity, and this healing is done through resonance. 

Powerful audio meditations and processes that will change your life. Specific oil applications for healing the body that will remove the density from it including trauma.  From noticeable density, anxiety and stress to miraculous clearings.

“In this program, you will be led systematically through the meridian system to clear the main emotions that block each of the meridians. Fragrance Alchemy is the modality used, along with meditative processes to support new ways of perceiving the past, and life in general. The FA oils have the power to dissolve distorted frequencies that sustain painful memory and keeps reactivity in places.When cleared of debris, each meridian has a higher function.” (Anita Briggs)
There are audios and videos to meditate with for deeper clearing, along with PDF’s with extra explanations and exercises to enhance releasing and heightening new awarnesses and perspectives. Each week is started with a group session either in person or on line. Learn how to release and transform emotions of:

Week 1: Lung Meridian  Grief, Intolerance, Frustration & Bitterness

Week 2: Large Intestine Meridian Guilt, Disappointment, Remorse, & Opposition   to Change

Week 3: Stomach Meridian  Disgust/Distain, Greed, Shame & Blame

Week 4: Spleen Meridian Worry, Anxiety, Self-destructiveness & Mood Swings

Week 5: Heart Meridian  Joylessness, Pain, Self-Pity & Neediness

Week 6: Small Intestine Meridian Insecurity/Overwhelm, Sadness, Abandonment, & Feeling Unheard

Week 7: Urinary Bladder Meridian Fright/Shock, Impatience, Restlessness & Feeling Unfulfilled

Week 8: Kidney Meridian Indecision, Loss, Victimization/Sense of Injustice

Week 9: Pericardium Meridian  Emotional Injury, Addiction, Jealousy, & Regret

Week 10: Thyroid/TW Meridian  Hopelessness, Depression, Despair & Suicidal

Week 11: Gall Blader Meridian  Rage, Impotence, Self-Importence,& Stagnant/Stuckness

Week 12: Liver Meridian Protectiveness, Desire to Save, Anger, Obsessiveness & Phobias (misdirected terror)

Fragrance Alchemy Program Costs – Level 1

12 Oils Kit for the 12 Meridians  size of 3.5ml is $110.00 US plustax & shipping

Weekly sessions including all materials is $50.00 per week. (Canadian) + tax
Installments of $200.00 + tax (4 weeks at a time)
Total Price for program, one payment sum of $600.00 + tax

If you want a larger set of oils, the bottle sizes are 18 ml and cost $575.00 US +taxes and shipping

Start date for the next program is May 25th at 6:30-8:00pm in Waverley or on line

12 Alchemical Oils to Clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians
$110.00–$575.00 USD + Taxes + Shipping
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If you have any questions, please connect with me at or at (902) 830-2822.
Sigil below denotes, praise, love and gratitude by Almine