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Leadership skills…a mentoring process

Take stress and demands off your ever increasing workloads as you try to solve issuses that come up, attend meetings, get pulled in different directions, and find yourself not working effectively.  Does this sound familiar to you?

What would make things easier for you?

  • Take the load off your shoulders….not having to be the ‘go-to’ person?
  • Have an effective way to develop your teams and new leaders?
  • Have self-empowered teams that work effectively?
  • Have your people bring in new ideas and innovation for your organization?
  • Have strong communication with all levels?

Leadership coaching is about developing and growing others on your team and in your organization.  The coaching process is necessary at all levels of your organization, for managers, supervisors and people in any management position.

“To me, the key to an extraordinary leader is one who leads from the heart!” 

Basic needs analysis to begin a program:

  • A needs analysis  – from each person involved in the program, within each level
  • An overall accountability from each level and person
  • Practical methods to be able to apply right away
  • Knowing what the tangible, measurable results will be
  • Communication skills, accountability, feedback and problem-solving
  • Delegating, mentoring and conflict resolution

This is all done through a very interactive approach.  Open discussion, hands on work with coaching through real issues that are taking place in the “now”.  Nothing is theoretical. This way new leaders are born, teams come together with a common goal and everyone is on the ‘same page’.

  • This brings in a leaner running organization, with full and open communication, having everyone feeling valued and knowing what is expected.
  • New leaders now know how to “coach” their teams and motivate them
  • Leaders learn to coach not only from the head, but from the heart as well.
  • Leaders move from knowing what to do, to knowing how to be.

Programs are done with an individual on line, on phone or Skype.  For groups it is best to work on site. Depending on what is needed, options provided.

  • For individuals, weekly calls for 60 to 90 minutes, then scaling down to twice a month (to be discussed)
  • For groups we set a time-frame for the program, on site, for 3 hour segments once a week for 12 weeks.The most important part of making change, is giving time between learnings to be able to apply these new learning so leaders/managers/supervisors have an opportunity to become comfortable with these new skills and adapt them to their personal skill set with their teams.
  • Cost for programs: Prices available upon request

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  • Understanding the overall goals
  • Reviewing strategies for success
  • Eating the ‘elephant’ one step at a time
  • Hands on practice for each new step
  • Collaboration between staff, teams and leaders
  • Each knowing the contribution to the bottom line
  • Open communication at all levels


“From the moment I met you Lynne, I knew you were someone different than the pack of consultants that I had known from my past life. You got it!! You understood that beneath the labels like leader or manager or welder, or whatever – the thing that we sometimes forget is that we are all people. You can teach all of the techniques in the world, but without a bit of empathy, without truly communicating on a human level, you will fall short.

I am so pleased you worked with this wonderful group. You taught them, you challenged them, and most of all you inspired them. They are all different than when they started this course, and best of all, you have taken a bunch of supervisors and molded them into a supervision team. Great Job!!” – Doug Howe, Bus. Dev. /Project Mgr., Marid Industries Limited

“This course has deepened my appreciation of the complexities of daily interactions between myself and my co-workers. I feel better equipped to handle situations I have shied away from in the past.” – Sheldon Butler Production Foreman, Marid Industries Limited

“Our coach, Lynne Smith has been nothing short of amazing! She has inspired the team with her positive approach, open style of teaching, customized course material…and many of our colleagues (both front line staff and the operational managers) have commented on what a change they have seen in their relationships both at work and home.” – Robert Goldsworthy, Director of Operations,Atlantica Hotel

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