Change Your Life

 Change your life and become the “authentic you”

Life Coaching involves releasing wanted emotions, beliefs and patterns by finding the source of where these took place or started, so that when healed, it will cause the emotions, beliefs and patterns to be dissolved as an issue in your life. 

Life Coaching start you have a:

  • sounding board to bounce ideas off and to help question you to dig for best answers and understanding
  • person that movtivates, gives an alternative perspective, provides a safe space and creates positive changes

Then as a result of the discovery:

  • we move further to heal the issue(s) so they are now dissolved as an issue.

Life Coaching changes comes from untilizing  different specific techniques we:

  • Help you release internal barriers that are causing the issue
  • Dissolve all patterns from when they first began to be an issue
  • Increase self-awareness and self-confidence as we move through the issue
  • Overcome the self-limiting beliefs that may have caused this issue so they are gone
  • Release and dissolve the emotions that have plagued this issue

Samples of emotions/patterns that are released:

  • Anxiety, guilt, stress, blame, shame, worry, grief, anger, self-pity, insecurity, sadness, abandonment, feeling unfulfilled, fear, emotional injury, jealousy, regret, hopelessness, depression, rage, feeling stagnant/stuck, phobias and obsessiveness.

Personal Program designed for your specific needs:
– Initial assessment to find out what you are looking to release
    – Uncovering the root cause that is holding you back
    – Finding the areas in your life that this has occured and is still occuring
    – Utilizing different strategies to have you overcome this issue
– Solving the issue – removing it from the body and mind

Pricing:  Special pricing available upon request

Sample Testimonials

“Lynne is like a little energizer bunny and being in her space is a joy. The lessons I have learned from Lynne in just 3 short sessions would have saved me 10 years of counseling and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. I had a challenge with claustrophobia, and had sought every form of treatment…whatever was offered…I tried it!! I tried conventional and unconventional methods, and although Lynne may appear to be unconventional, her method works! I feel so free and will be forever grateful to Lynne”. Dalene Allen, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Follow up for with above claustrophobia client 3 weeks laterI just got back from a trip to China and I have to tell you it was wonderful. Normally I am ready to kill someone after half way in the airplane….this time I watched movies, slept, ate and had a wonderful trip on the plane there and back. I took my medication with me just in case and I never needed to use it.” – Dalene Allen, Canada 

“I have worked with Lynne since July and have been profoundly changed in many ways. I have been able to release so many hurts from my past and have moving into a true freedom that is so priceless. My life will never be the same – I have been given a gift! Thank you Lynne. (Even my team that I work with have been noticing the changes)” Robin C.R. Ontario, Canada

“I want to let you know that you did a great job helping me through all of these changes. You had my brain derailed from its previous set of tracks, and I don’t feel trapped, or on a treadmill, or suffocated. I have 2 weeks left at my place of employment, and I can feel my chest beginning to loosen. All this thanks to you. I appreciate it. You have a wonderful gift.” – Rob S. Halifax, NS, Canada

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