Healing of the Heart – Belvaspata 

The modality of healing, Belvaspata (meaning “Healing of the Heart”  known as “The Modality of Miracles”, is well known in the ancient light language of the Infinite) is a new and sacred healing modality based on light and frequency that was introduced by the world-renowned mystic and seer Almine in response to major cosmic changes.

A few years ago we had entered a more elevated cycle of existence in which resonance became the basic moving force.  Almine   

Healing with Sigils of Light- The Change 

Healing changed overnight from the most basic assumptions on which healers, of all modalities, have based their methods. Light now attracts light, whereas opposite energies repel. Hence Belvaspata uses sigils of light to draw higher consciousness into areas of sickness rather than “sending” healing energy, which is no longer attracted to its opposite (sickness). Nevertheless, Belvaspata works on all levels of existence, and so it is also effective on the energy level.

Healing using Belvaspata -How Does This Work?

In a healing session the healer becomes as one with you, and envisions you as pristine perfection, I am assisted to bring sacred sigils to place them where they are needed within you. This stimulates the true frequencies in you, called the Song of the Self, and creates self-healing by shattering blockages in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Also, the consciousness level of the practitioner impacts on the healing. This is a very potent healing tool which is also used remotely.


Healing with Belvaspata – The Benefits: Spiritual/Mental

  • Removal of blockages within the Chakras or energy centres
  • Assist with the awakening of consciousness and to reveal the underlying perfection
  • A sense of lightness, wholeness and well-being
  • Deeper sense of inner connection, harmony and peace

Healing with Belvaspata – The Benefits: Physical/Emotional

  • Effortless healing and transformation
  • Pain relief where conventional methods are ineffective
  • Increased health, energy and vitality
  • Removal of blockages that are causing illness or dis-ease
  • Clearing of anxiety, stress and promoting inner peace

The healing modality of Belvaspata has been dubbed the “modality of miracles” and truly needs to be felt to experience the profound changes that it can bring about for the one who is receptive to its blessing. It is a profoundly gentle healing modality, so gentle in fact that it is the only modality that does not require permission from the receiver to be performed. Instead, rather than imposing anything, the blessing merely lingers in the field of the receiver until such a time as they are ready to accept it.

Belvaspata is presided over by a legion of angels who are called by the practitioner through their sigils to place specific healing frequencies into the body or into a specific place. It is said that once we have the sigil for an angel they cannot ignore our request for help. Belvaspata angels are specifically dedicated to working with this miraculous modality.

Belvaspata Healing of the Heart

“While doing Belvaspata, we envision the pristine perfection of all and know that the perfection already exists. In doing so, we assist and support the awareness of perfection of all life. We look beyond the physical appearance and manifestation of disease to the existing underlying perfection, focusing on ‘what is’ – and removing the focus from ‘what is not’ – the imperfection” – Almine


Sigils for love, praise and gratitude (3 of the “ascension attitudes”)

Sessions can be done either in person or remotely, depending on the needs of the individual. Sessions are augmented by the powerful Fragrance Alchemy healing modality which utilizes high potency, high frequency oils to clear distortion from the meridians of the body and restore emotional balance.

Lynne Smith is a holistic healer, and Grand Master of Belvaspata, based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Lynne has had years of deep spiritual study and personal evolution. Approaching this work with reverence and passion, she is dedicated to assisting others to releasing limitations and bringing peace and serenity back into life.

Sessions are done in person or remotely.
Prices are available upon request

“Book a Belvaspata Session Now” – a gentle and transformative healing modality

Some Testimonials:

Testimonial from a remote session

“After nine hours of surgery, I was up walking the next day. This was my third surgery, and it feels this one was the best. I could even feel the energy during the Belvaspata session!! Thank you all for this session. Mary Beth, New Brunswick Canada

Testimonial from a remote session done on a young teenager who was rushed to the IWK Hospital in Halifax N.S.

“He was excellent tonight and told me stories like he used to when he was young. Lynne, he seems to be more connected than he has been for years.” Shelley K. Nova Scotia, Canada

Testimonial one-on-one in person

“That was quite the session we had and I am not quite done ‘understanding’ what happened. At first I was somewhat resistant, and then I thought why not. My head cleared out, no thinking going on and I started working on clearing out the bad feelings in my stomach. I could see within my stomach area, first one angel chipping away with a hammer and chisel. When he didn’t succeed another came to help him. Still not succeeding, they upgraded to heavier tools like sledge hammers and bigger chisels. Eventually they tried to blast it away with explosives. Actually had a picture of one of the angels pulling the lever and seeing the explosion. When you asked me what it was in me, I told you it was like layers of barnacles sitting in me. Most of it went easy, there was just that small piece left which was more like a piece of rock or concrete. I decided to wait until our next visit to go after the rest. To the best of my knowledge, it’s (at least for me) currently beyond understanding…..and that is OK. To realize that there is something you don’t understand, I guess that is some kind of understanding too. I am also feeling a lot better and am sleeping decently at nights, which was one thing that was starting to make life more than just hard.” K.J. Nova Scotia, Canada