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An entrepreneurial/alchemyst coach. 

If you are an entrepreneur who is not meeting personal expectations, and is frustrated with results, the best answer is to seek out a coach.  An entreprenurial/alchemyst coach is someone who has not only utilized various sales skills, and has been successful, but also knows what is happening with the internal thoughts and the feelings in the body that hold you back.

  1. Do you know your product or service inside and out and are excited about it?
  2. Do you believe in what you have to offer, knowing it will truly benefit other people or businesses?
  3. Does the idea of helping others with your product/service…inspire you?
  4. What are you believing/feeling about yourself and your ability to be successful with your product/service.  Is there something holding you back inside…. can feel it or know it?
  5. Where do you see yourself in your business once you have have reached your vision?

Be different

An Entrepreneural Coach’s tool box

If the sales process is in place and fully understood…..then the most important tools for an entrepreneural/alchemyst Coach is to know how to bring you through the beliefs and patterns of what is holding you back from becoming the success you want to be. These are easy to do from an internal perspective and not through logical discussions. This frees you up to stay motivated and creative along your sales path.

Another important point is knowing you are working with someone who has had experience in running their own business, and who has also been trainedand coached sales for a national organization.   There is a wealth of knowledge that you will have access to.

Individual sessions and group sessions offered

Individual session is between 60-90 minutes. From this session, if we decide to do a program together, then the option will be for a number of weeks (flexible), one session per week with a fluid plan. Programs invole a needs assessment, your vision, what is holding you back and working with the alchemical tools to remove blocks to move you into your dream.

Entreprenurial program: This runs for 8-12 weeks, depending on what is needed.  As the alchemical tools can move you faster to your vision, we leave the time fluid according to what your needs are and how to find you are achieving what you want.

Group sessions available.

Other options available depending on needs assessment.  Program packages run for 8-12 weeks.

Pricing available upon request


“I can say without hesitation, that this present course surpassed all the rest. Without Lynne’s dedication, humour and knowledge of the sales process, the course would  not have been as effective.” – Greg MacDonald, Design Group Displays, Halifax

“For the past few years I have worked with Lynne both personally and professionally. Lynne is a good listener, creative, and easy to work with. She has such a good understanding of helping people move forward and getting rid of the ‘blocks to success’.  My personal life has changed to being more harmonious and my business has grown exponentially. Thank you, Lynne!” Robin Roblin, Mary Kay Ontario (added note…Robin’s team became #3 in 2016 and #1 in 2017…nice going Robin)

“When we met you had given me a “coaching tip” on how to be more productive at work. I’ve tried to utilize that tip each and every day. Sometimes I’ll find myself slipping back to my unproductive ways but then I implement your “tip” again and I’m back on track. It really is so simple I’m amazed that no one had ever coached me on it before. My commission income has increased by 45% this year and I contribute most of that to the few hours we spent together. Thank you so much for all the help you’ve been to me.” – Joan Munroe, CFP, BMO Bank of Montreal

I first hired Lynne when I was launching my career. Her coaching and training were instrumental to the success that I achieved. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynne. Her program was time well invested! Stephen Cox, Certified Financial Planer at Desjardins Financial Security Independent, Halifax


Don’t let another day go by in worry and frustration…..take action and start to turn your success around.

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