Certified Master Life Coach

Meet Coach Lynne

My Joy and my goal is to have you “feel good”.


What is the Goal…… Bring in the Result you want.

Working with Coach Lynne, you experience inner change, act with greater confidence, see new perspecitives, feel more relaxed and alive, have greater clarity on issues, and resolve or dissolve the issue no matter what your role is in life or in business

Personal Story

Graduate of McGill University – Physical Education Teacher, Sports Coach
Taught high school and middle school in Quebec, New Jersey and New York
Coached afterschool sport programs and community softball

Certified Business Coach – 1999 – 2019
Certified Master Life Coach – NLP & Timeline Training – 2004-2006 (utilizing with some clients today)
Transformational Coach for releasing negative emotions and patterns – 2012 – present (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress, anger, guilt, etc.) A rare item for most coaches and using new cutting edge tools for remote work. These can go in just one or two sessions many times. 


Business – Goal and results oriented

Working in businesses as Coach Lynne,  your attitudes, interest in others, behaviour, leadership skills, actions, communication skills and knowledge are key to grow a successful team, company or organization. This is also the key for an effective work environment for not only yourself, but also for others.

Today, we often find negativity, stress and even depression.  This affects your bottom line, productivity goes down and also the cost for medical insurance goes up. To have a coach who is able to deal with all these issues is rare.

New methods and tools have come out over the last few years, making it very easy and fast for people to release and dissolve depression, anxiety and many other negative emotions. These can also be done easily in groups as well as one-on-one.  It is much less expensive when you have someone on site or working remotely, that can help in this area and keep the expenses away from the bottom line.  Employees feel better, more alive again, and the cost of absenteeism is greatly reduced.


Working as Coach Lynne as a life coach, we change beliefs, patterns, habits and perspecitves you bring to your life that blocks your success.  You have been taught many things growing up, to compare, to feel unworthy at times, feeling not good enough, not really supported, etc. Everyone is an individual working/living in different situations.  When these boundaries are taken away, you can soar to new heights you never dreamed of before.  This affects the day-to-day living as well as family living.


“Our coach, Lynne Smith has been nothing short of amazing! She has inspired the team with her positive approach, open style of teaching, customized course material…and many of our colleagues (both front line staff and the operational managers) have commented on what a change they have seen in their relationships both at work and home.” – Robert Goldsworthy, Director of Operations, Atlantica Hotel

“I learned some great lessons that help me in work and in my personal life. I enjoyed the class. Lynne was a wonderful teacher who knows how to make communication interesting, and fun!” Everyone is an individual and needs to be dealt with differently.”

I learned to treat people in my life/work with more patience and listen actively. A well presented course!” “I learned new and better ways to communicate. Great program, lots to learn.” “I learned to value my opinions and to voice them to help overcome difficult situations.” “The sessions were fun, informative and beneficial.” – Sampling of comments from front line staff, Atlantica Hotel

“Thanks again for everything you’ve brought to the AFFA – your impact on our workplace has been invaluable. Our most successful and useful course to date!.” – Rose Zack, Atlantic Film Festival Association

“This has been a great opportunity to work with everyone in the office on the same goal. I have a better understanding of how people work and how to more effectively communicate with them on projects.” – Alyson Sanders, Atlantic Film Festival Association

“I met Lynne years ago through a mutual acquaintance and didn’t understand, at that time, what Lynne was all about. Bumped into her 4 years later at an event, saw a testimonial of someone I actually knew, and thought “Wow” let’s try this.  Met with Lynne thinking I would try to work on a weight issue, but the day we met, I was anxious as I was flying out the next day. I have always been worried and nervous when planes take off and land, therefore dealing with flying, would be a better choice.
After just one session and flying the next day, taking 7 planes to get to my destinations, I never worried at all. First time I have felt calm, relaxed and enjoyed flying in yeaars!” Florence Webster

“Step outside the box and see what a difference it can make. I can guarantee you will be thankful that you did.” Michele McQuaid. Timberlea, Nova Scotia, Canada

If you would like to know more:

I work with groups, do workshops, run programs as well as work one-on-one. On line, I work on Zoom or can be found on Skype at lifesmithcoaching (handle for Skype)   Connect