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Releasing the root cause of emotional pain 


Lynne and Shelley are providing an excellent opportunity for you to give a gift to yourself by tools to look after your physical and Emotional Health.

Shelley Teal  will be teaching self-acupressure to aid you with sleep , anxiety/depression and energy. Self acupressure is achieved by stimulating acupuncture points on the body to improve and maintain  your overall health. Workshop includes an illustrated booklet “Better sleep Better Self” to reinforce your learning.

Lynne Smith (me) is a Catalyst for Healing…a new name that my clients tell me says more of what I really do. Using incredibly powerful and new methods, I help you to discover and dissolve the emotional hurdles you are facing and dissolve these gently. We tend to bring these in from our past expriences and unfortunately they emotionally drain us.  Well, it is time to learn how to let all that go.

What You Can Bring to the Workshop to Have Success.

With both Shelley and I working together, you will actually have the opportunity to experinence changes within you in powerful ways.  There is only one thing you need to bring with you, and that is a willingness to change your life, want to feel better and an openness to have it happen.

Let’s find the gems from them as we move forward to enjoy life

“Fun – Find out more – Feel better”

Change from pain to pleasure and happiness within!


Date: TBA                                                                Time: 6:30am – 8:30pm
Place: TBA                                                               Cost:  $45.00

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Releasing the Cause of Emotional Pain
$45.00 CAD


Some Testimonials        click here   to see video testimonials

Sample testimonials from recent workshops:
“I recently participated in one of Lynne’s Fragrance Alchemy workshops and it was such an amazing experience – I really loved it!! In a nutshell, the session allowed me to embrace my true self by shedding old negative emotions that were holding me back. I feel so grateful for that effortless emotional release and I strongly encourage everyone to try these powerful and potentially life-changing oils!”  Pascale Levert, Ottawa Ontario (I’m looking forward to the next workshop.)

The remote healing you performed Sunday Lynne was very helpful and it gave me a high healing energy lift. Creativity arise! And my senses are very attuned since Sunday especially my heart, ears and crown chakra. I feel wonderful! Talk to you soon. Geneviève💚 Richer Orleans Ontario (Belvaspata)

 Sair Ching ” This session I attended and it was flippin awesome” Bedford N.S.

“Today I was trying to think of what the blockage was that I cleared in the evening and I couldn’t remember it…almost like it was never there. I am truly looking forward to learning more.” Val.Mosher  Dartmouth 

“Last night’s session was incredible! I have been much more happy and relaxed today. Lynne is warm, vibrant and very knowledgeable” W.P. Dartmouth N.S.

“When you asked us to rate the number of intensity within us out of 10, I was an 8-9.  When the process was over I could not detect a number.  I felt peaceful. The peaceful feeling was wonderful” Michele McQuaid

In the last workshop of Discovering Your True Self, at the end of the meditation, I felt my anxiety had lifted and then slept better than I had for a long time that night”  I’ll be back. April – Bedford, N.S.

“I had a wonderful release from the Discovering Your True Self Workshop…..I could feel it just release right through my body” – Sandra Banfield. Bedford, N.S.

Workshops offered:

1. Dissolving Depression
2.Releasing Anxiety, Stress and Worry

3.Releasing Trauma from the Body