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Releasing the root cause of emotional pain 


Lynne and Shelley are providing an excellent opportunity for you to give a gift to yourself by tools to look after your physical and Emotional Health.

Shelley Teal  will be teaching self-acupressure to aid you with sleep , anxiety/depression and energy. Self acupressure is achieved by stimulating acupuncture points on the body to improve and maintain  your overall health. Workshop includes an illustrated booklet “Better sleep Better Self” to reinforce your learning.

Lynne Smith (me) is a Catalyst for Healing…a new name that my clients tell me says more of what I really do. Using incredibly powerful and new methods, especially the most potent healing oils on the planet, called Fragrance Alchemy. I help you to discover and dissolve the emotional hurdles you are facing and dissolve these gently. We tend to bring these in from our past expriences and unfortunately they emotionally drain us.  Well, it is time to learn how to let all that go. Specializing in depression so you can quickly go back to a wonderful life.

What You Can Bring to the Workshop to Have Success.

With both Shelley and I working together, you will actually have the opportunity to experinence changes within you in powerful ways.  There is only one thing you need to bring with you, and that is a willingness to change your life, want to feel better and an openness to have it happen.

Let’s find the gems from them as we move forward to enjoy life

“Fun – Find out more – Feel better”

Change from pain to pleasure and happiness within!


Date: TBA                                                                Time: 6:30am – 8:30pm
Place: TBA                                                               Cost:  $45.00

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Releasing the Cause of Emotional Pain
$45.00 CAD


Some Testimonials  click here   to see video testimonials

Sample testimonials from recent workshops:

Note: People are not required to share what they want to work on in the workshop….that is kept private and confidential…even from me. These comments are some that were volunteered after they went through the process.

“I recently participated in one of Lynne’s Fragrance Alchemy workshops and it was such an amazing experience – I really loved it!! In a nutshell, the session allowed me to embrace my true self by shedding old negative emotions that were holding me back. I feel so grateful for that effortless emotional release and I strongly encourage everyone to try these powerful and potentially life-changing oils!” Pascale Levert, Ottawa Ontario (I’m looking forward to the next workshop.)

The remote healing you performed Sunday Lynne was very helpful and it gave me a high healing energy lift. Creativity arise! And my senses are very attuned since Sunday especially my heart, ears and crown chakra. I feel wonderful! Talk to you soon. Geneviève💚 Richer Orleans Ontario (Belvaspata)

 Sair Ching ” This session I attended and it was flippin awesome” Bedford N.S.

“I had the opportunity to do a workshop with Lynne on how to overcome worry and anxiety. Lynne is very good at helping you calm your mind and let go of worries or things that hold you back from enjoying life and living in the present moment. I think everyone could learn a lot from her. Very intuitive and professional. I am looking forward to doing more sessions with her.  Shelley Monroe Dartmouth N.S.

“Thanks so much Lynne for today….today’s session was amazing…I will be in touch again next week.” C. Johnson, Halifax

“Once I got home from Halifax, it was absolutely unbelievable how I felt (so calm, so refreshed, so focused), and how undisturbed my mind was when I received correspondence from a person I had been having an issue with. So happy to be part of this experience…I can’t wait for the next session!”Jeannette D., Prince Edward Island, Canada

“I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little skeptical, but afterwards I felt lighter….like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. That night I had the best sleep. The effects lasted for a the next couple of days, but as time went on I could feel the weight starting to return slightly. I look forward to continuing the process.” Carol.R. Halifax N.S. Canada

“This workshop was really great to be a part of. My mind was so open, I was totally relaxed and felt that I was truly in the moment going through the processes. Thank you.” Christine Nickerson Dartmouth, N.S. Canada

“As I worked on my particular issue, it allowed me to release emotions that I have been harbouring for a long time. I want to come back and participate in more workshops. Many thanks to you Lynne for your guidance and the help with my healing…in both mind and spirit!” C. S.P. Halifax, N.S. Canada

“I feel so calm and at the same time, so much lighter. When you worked with clearing the trauma at birth from us, I could not believe the amount that I had released. I am still amazed…maybe that is why I feel lighter….truly amazing! Thank you so much Lynne for leading us through the 3 processes….I want to learn more.” Lindaa P. Halifax, N.S. Canada

“I have been on quite a few medications for something I suffer with. I went to Lynne because she had amazing results with a friend of mine clearing a phobia she had for a long time. After going through an exercise, and stating some affirmations and intentions, I left not knowing what to think. I saw Lynne about just over a couple of weeks later and I gave her a huge hug. She did not realize the gift she had given me. I am down to only 2 medications now, and am feeling so much clearer and healthier”. Katie T. Halifax, N.S. Canada 

“The sessions were inspiring and supportive. I felt completely safe to be myself and to access my higher self. LifeSmith Coaching is integrative, powerful, results driven and practical. THANKS Lynne, for being the loving, talented and wise person that you are!” – A.M.C. Nova Scotia, Canada

“I would never have figured that out!!” “Oh my goodness – that now makes sense why I have been the way I have.” – Angela, Cape Breton, N.S. Canada

“I know exactly what career path I am going to choose. I came here with a choice of two and now I am certain which one I am going to take. Thank you.” Allison K – Halifax, N.S. Canada

“I didn’t want to tell anyone what I was working on, but I can’t believe it has totally gone. I was really hurt and angry at some of my family regarding a situation, and have had that for years. When I try to get that feeling back now – it is not there!” Judith – Dartmouth, N.S. Canada

“I have never been so relaxed and calm in years!! I want another session!” C.A. Dartmouth, N.S. Canada

“I got clarity on something I have been working towards…how to do that next step. That was great!” D.P. Halifax, N.S. Canada

“Today I was trying to think of what the blockage was that I cleared in the afternoon and I couldn’t remember it…almost like it was never there. I am truly looking forward to learning more.” V.M. Dartmouth, N.S. Canada

“When you asked us to rate the number of intensity within us out of 10, I was an 8-9. When the process was over I could not detect a number. I felt peaceful. The peaceful feeling was wonderful” M. McQuaid, Timberlea, NS. Canada

“From the workshop I realized where the blocks/barriers were coming from. I started the exercise you put us through with and 8 out of 10. Now I am waiting to see if it comes back. I thought the examples and personal experience was great and I am better able to understand myself”. J.W. Halifax, N.S. Canada

“The process was very peaceful and calming. I experienced changing from and 8 to a 2 in just the first time through. It was so nice to release something within, take time for myself and focus on myself”. D. J. Halifax, N.S. Canada

“Last night’s session was incredible! I have been much more happy and relaxed today. Lynne is warm, vibrant, and very knowledgeable” W.P. Dartmouth, N.S. Canada

“It is obvious that the foundation of this unique workshop consists of much thought, creativity and wisdom. Lynne’s natural ability to place emphasis on pertinent issues remained constant. – with lots of encouragement, honesty and humour. A truly uplifting experience.” Carol A. Stewart Bedford, NS, Canada

“The pain that was around my heart area when I came into this session has completely gone. I could feel the energy moving in me as it was releasing” R.M., Bedford, NS. Canada

“I had pain across my chest with an intensity of 8-9 when we began. I felt tingling in that area as we went through the process. I cannot get that feeling of pain back…it is gone.” June P. Halifax NS Canada

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“Today I was trying to think of what the blockage was that I cleared in the evening and I couldn’t remember it…almost like it was never there. I am truly looking forward to learning more.” Val.Mosher  Dartmouth 

“Last night’s session was incredible! I have been much more happy and relaxed today. Lynne is warm, vibrant and very knowledgeable” W.P. Dartmouth N.S.

“When you asked us to rate the number of intensity within us out of 10, I was an 8-9.  When the process was over I could not detect a number.  I felt peaceful. The peaceful feeling was wonderful” Michele McQuaid

In the last workshop of Discovering Your True Self, at the end of the meditation, I felt my anxiety had lifted and then slept better than I had for a long time that night”  I’ll be back. April – Bedford, N.S.

“I had a wonderful release from the Discovering Your True Self Workshop…..I could feel it just release right through my body” – Sandra Banfield. Bedford, N.S.

Workshops offered:

1. Dissolving Depression
2.Releasing Anxiety, Stress and Worry

3.Releasing Trauma from the Body