Life-Alchemyst Coaching

release old patterns and be your authentic self

Today’s changes

Life-alchemyst coaching involves releasing old patterns, beliefs and emotions so that you can change your life to feel better and become your authentic self. When healed, it will cause these to be dissolved as an issue in your life.

Today with the new addition of the Alchemical Tools, you can release these patterns and beliefs in a much deeper way…..right out of the cells of the body.  “These new tools were the only way I released a trauma from my teens that no other tool could get out, as these emotions were held in the cells of my body.” Lynne Smith

Today it is easy and takes only a short time to release depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, anger and so many more emotions that hold you back from living fully.

As a result of the the above:

  • we move further to heal the issue(s) so they are now dissolved
  • we layer the alchemical tools with meditation and other tools

Change comes from untilizing the different speecific techniques:

  • You release internal barriers/feelings that are causing the issue
  • All patterns from this issue dissolve from when they first began to be an issue
  • You feel a physical level the relief of tensions, stress or pain from the body
  • Emotions are released that have plagued this issue
  • At the end you have a new sense of awareness, perspective and freedom from the issue

Samples of emotions/patterns that are released:

  • Anxiety, guilt, stress, blame, shame, worry, grief, anger, self-pity, insecurity, sadness, abandonment, feeling unfulfilled, fear, emotional injury, jealousy, regret, hopelessness, depression, rage, feeling stagnant/stuck, phobia, trauma and obsessiveness.

Personal Program designed for your specific needs:

 – We uncover what you are looking to release
 – Then we find the root cause that is holding you back
 – We find area where this is still occuring
 – Then we utilizing different strategies to have you overcome this issue
– You feel better having this issue gone

Pricing:  $120.00 for a session

Sample Testimonials:

““Over six months ago, I searched the net for life coaches in Halifax, because I needed someone to help me overcome my insecurities and anxieties. I needed someone who not only had life coaching tools, but who would also be there to help me work with them. In my search a few life coaches came up and I met with two of them. One of which was Lynne Smith. The moment I met her, I cannot help but remember her energy and spirit, as well as her warm and welcoming smile. Many life coaches out there try to give band aid solutions to ongoing issues.

However, Lynne Smith was devoted to finding the source of the problem, the cause of the symptoms, so to speak. And that made great sense, how can you solve a problem when you cannot identify the source? And that was exactly what I needed. Someone to help me see what was causing all my insecurities and anxieties. At the time when I met her, I had so much going on in my life, and I felt as though I was in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight, struggling to swim.

After I met her, I began to see a glimmer of land. She was like a large hand grabbing on to me and saving me from drowning. She was able to get my feet back on the ground. She was able to help me stand up, and dust myself off. She helped me gain my confidence again, and feel empowered to accomplish my goals. Within a short period of time, she helped me succeed in my career, get promoted and move on to a much more challenging position in my organization. Her ability to find the negative garbage in your head and resolve passed issues was amazing. I could not have gone though this year without her. I truly believe she has been a God-Send in my life, and I am so glad to have met her.” – R.B. Government Employee – Military, Halifax, Canada

Lynne is like a little energizer bunny and being in her space is a joy. The lessons I have learned from Lynne in just 3 short sessions would have saved me 10 years of counseling and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. I had a challenge with claustrophobia, and had sought every form of treatment…whatever was offered…I tried it!! I tried conventional and unconventional methods, and although Lynne may appear to be unconventional, her method works! I feel so free and will be forever grateful to Lynne”. Dalene Allen, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Follow up for with above claustrophobia client 3 weeks laterI just got back from a trip to China and I have to tell you it was wonderful. Normally I am ready to kill someone after half way in the airplane….this time I watched movies, slept, ate and had a wonderful trip on the plane there and back. I took my medication with me just in case and I never needed to use it.” – Dalene Allen, Canada 

“I have worked with Lynne since July and have been profoundly changed in many ways. I have been able to release so many hurts from my past and have moving into a true freedom that is so priceless. My life will never be the same – I have been given a gift! Thank you Lynne. (Even my team that I work with have been noticing the changes)” Robin C.R. Ontario, Canada

“Lynne Smith has an exceptional gift at using higher levels of consciousness and knowing to remove trauma from the body, mind, and spirit. She demonstrated a clear connection to the divine, allowing her to bring about extraordinary change in my life. She is passionate about her work and the amazing healing techniques that she has been given anointment of . I feel blessed that she was able to make a difference in my life.” Dr. Nickerson Florida USA

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