The Runes – Guiding you through life

Guiding you to Dissolve Dibilitating Beliefs

The gift of these new runes, and this great work of enlightenment, and teachings, have been brought forward to us by the mystic and seer Almine

I have been initiated as Grandmaster of the Runes and they are one of my favourite tools.  They help to clear blockages, and provide deep healing which brings in clarity, heightened awareness and manifestation for my clients.


Why Guidance from the Runes now?

The Runes are very ancient, however have been brought out to us today to help people looking for guidance in all areas of life and business. In ancient times they used to be found in cards or in stones, however today it has changed to an increased number of cards only.

  • Each rune is a power object to help activate and strengthen qualities within us, while guiding and showing us what is needed in our lives.

runesRune Spreads are used to:

A spread of runes is utilized to provide clearer insights about obstacles to outcome, as well as for learning what perception must be gained from a specific situation.

spread 1

  • self-guidance: for relationships, business, or learning what needs to change from within or without
  • self-empowering: bringing insights and new perceptions gained to help you move forward in a specific situation


Released remorse moving forward

How do you benefit from a reading?
spread 2

These Runes will give you guidance for answers you are looking for. For example:

  • guide you on how to handle certain situations, including relationships of any kind
  • guide you on business decisions
  • even help you find out what is holding you back from being successful!


(These Runes are not a normal type of card reading….these show the root of what you need to know)

Many of my clients feel the blessings the Runes bring to them through the Runes. Many times blockages are released leaving a state of joy and happiness within them. Some sense a new clarity and optimism that they didn’t have before. The Runes work on multiple fields/dimensions which allows a non-cognitive effect, which is not easily understood. They have an unfamothable effect for a prolonged perod of time.

What they represent, in brief:

  • There are a total of 8 libraries (fields, decks)
  • The first 7 represent the 7 levels of perception, corresponding to the 7 chakras and outer senses
  • The 8th field incorporates the other 7 in a unified field.
  • All fields have 96 cards in a deck which correspond to the inner senses and our potential
  • Each principle of the Rune embodies the principle for the cosmos
  • This means the Runes are alive and not static bodies of information like Angel cards

When I use them:

  • Most times when I am in a one-on-one session with a client, I use these to bring forward clairty, to offer a new perspective, to help clear blockages or even help to manifest a situation.
  • Other times I offer standalone Rune sessions of 60 minutes for those who are looking for speciific guidace on a particular issue. In these we utilize the first 15 minutes to understand your area(s) of focus, then for 30 minutes you select the cards manual, our we go into meditation to find the Runes required and have them activated in you, and then use the last 15 minutes to integrate them within you.

Today they are available as an app. as well which is another way I can work globally with them. The results are very accurate!  It has many selections for questions that come forward. So either working with the cards or the app. globally is fine. These do not predict future events in any way, as today furture can no longer be predicted. They can be emailed to you so you can have these wherever you are, as we work together for the guidance you are receiving.

Sessions Offered
– Individual $85.00 for a 60 minute session
– Groups up to 4 people – $40.00 each 30 minute each
– Packages of sessions – 3 individual sessions $210.00
Special packages available upon request

For a reading with the Runes and connect with Lynne:
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Individual Session
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Three Individual Sessions
$210.00 CAD

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Pre-Christmas Special
$30.00 CAD

This Christmas special if for one question that is for guidance moving forward in an area of life.  You can do it for yourself, or gift it to someone else. All the answers received will be emailed to you, or the gifted person as a gift.


“I had a remote Rune card reading with Lynne and it was fantastic. I could feel the energy around me and within me as I chose the number of the card that I wanted from each group of cards. Intuitively, I knew which cards I wanted her to pull for me. I felt like I was with Lynne as I did this. The reading was right on with the issue I was dealing with. I would definitely have another reading! It is an excellent tool for inner guidance! Thank you Lynne!” – June Petillo, Connecticut, U.S.A.

“I had the great fortune to see Lynne in person to do a Rune card reading. It was fascinating to learn the insights and how every card I choose fit so well in an overview to help answer the question I had put forward. It was a great message of direction, inspiration and hope for me. I believe this reading helped me to receive timely messages for my personal growth.
Lynne is amazing to work with. She brings forward such helpful insights, and remains so calm doing this work. What a great experience – can’t wait for my next! My business is booming and my level of faith, hope and inspiration is high! Thank you Lynne!” – R Courney-Roblin Ontario, Canada

“I had my Rune cards read twice by Lynne. I am not a true believer of card readings, however I must admit, I found the Rune readings to be very accurate. They provided great guidance for the topic I was focused on, and this was true for each of the readings. I would recommend the Rune readings for everyone, especially for those of us who my be “doubters”! Thanks Lynne Norma D. Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Lynne read my Runes three times. Each time they provided specific input to the questions I needed answering. Thank you Lynne! I would recommend to others to get Lynne and the Runes’s guidance. Brenda F. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada