Releasing Through the 12 Meridians

Fragrance Achemy Program (12 weeks) Level 1

Healing has changed


Releasing emotions through the 12 meridians brings in healing that happens alchemically and by resonance now into the meridians that also lead to the body organs. Puts us back into the joy of life, the happiness we feel and the inspiration to engage life in new ways. 

This program is for the serious dedicated person who wants to really release issues and trauma in the body.

In this program you will receive:

  • Powerful audio meditations and processes that will change your life.
  • Specific oil applications for healing the body that will remove the emotional blocks  from it including trauma. 
  • From noticeable negative feelings, anxiety, stress and depression, to miraculous clearings.
  • PDFs for deeper learning

Learn how to release and transform emotions from the meridians. Here are the main ones dealt with.

  • Grief, Intolerance, Frustration & Bitterness, Guilt, Disappointment, Remorse, & Opposition to Change
  • Disgust/Distain, Greed, Shame & Blame, Worry, Anxiety, Self-destructiveness & Mood Swings
  • Joylessness, Pain, Self-Pity & Neediness, Insecurity/Overwhelm, Sadness, Abandonment, & Feeling Unheard
  •  Fright/Shock, Impatience, Restlessness & Feeling Unfulfilled, Indecision, Loss, Victimization/Sense of  Injustice
  •  Emotional Injury, Addiction, Jealousy, & Regret, Hopelessness, Depression, Despair & Suicidal
  •  Rage, Impotence, Self-Importence,& Stagnant/Stuckness, Protectiveness, Desire to Save, Anger, Obessiveness & Phobias

Weekly sessions tax includedLotus flower
Installments of $360.00  (4 weeks at a time – due at the beginning of each month.)
Total investment over the 12 weeks is $1080.00 +tax
Paying one price for total program is $1020.00 +tax
Weekly payments can also be accepted

Private sessions with Lynne for the 12 week program is $1680.00 +tax

Next Start date for the FA program will begin Thursday March 28th at 6:30 – 7:45pm. Will do on Zoom. This first class is to go over the points on the body for the oils, the weekly format we will follow, outline of the program, specific emotions you would like to dissolve  Good time for Q&A. Receiving and updating a personal healing tool.

12 Oils Kit for the 12 Meridians  size of 3.5ml is $110.00 US plus tax & shipping  One that is needed for this program. You will be taught the placement of these oils on specific meridians and the speciific emotions they will be clearing within you. This program will change your life.  Imagine going through and clearing so much of your past with the emotions that keep you in repeating cycles of thought during the day. Release old patterns and habits.

***To Purchase 3.5 ml kit of 12 oils for program $110.00 US + tax shipping, see options below

Payment Options for Programs

One Time Payment for Program $1020.00

One Time Payment 12 Ordinary Meridians Program
$1020.00 CAD

Weekly payment with a group $90.00

12 week Fragrance Alchemy Program
$90.00 CAD

To pay 4 weeks at a time:  $360.00 

12 Ordinary Meridians
$360.00 CAD

To pay for one private individual session

One Individual Session
$150.00 CAD

If you prefer to e-transfer, use

Private sessions with Lynne for 12 week program $1680.00

12 Ordinary Meridians
$1680.00 CAD


Now there is a higher healing that fuses Frequency and Light into Tonal Luminosity, and this healing is done through resonance.

“In this program, you will be led systematically through the meridian system to clear the main emotions that block each of the meridians.  The FA oils have the power to dissolve distorted frequencies that sustain painful memory and keeps reactivity in places.When cleared of debris, each meridian has a higher function. (Anita Briggs)

When we clear or dissolve the negative emotions, this ensures that the organ attached to that particular meridian will now also be cleared.  You see, when there is a lot of negative energy put into the meridians through emotions, that leads to first pain, and then dis-ease. 

“Through these oils, I dissolved the trauma I had within me since I was a teenager.  No other medical method or alternative methods worked…..this got it all out!!” Lynne Smith

***Choice for size of oils: The 3.5ml will last 6 to 8 months.
12 Alchemical Oils to Clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians
$110.00–$575.00 USD + Taxes + Shipping
Choose a Package

If you have any questions, please connect with me at or at (902) 830-2822.
***Incorporated in this program is a special healing tool that is given at the beginning that you will be able to use on yourself, food, home, clears all levels of your being, and on others, etc.  Previous students already have this tool and end up using it daily.

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If you have any questions, please connect with me at or at (902) 830-2822.

Date is going to be the 4th week of March – Thursday 28th 6:30-7:45pm

***Private individual sessions offered for $150.00 plus tax (1.5 hour) for those who would like to experience these oils. 

Fragrance Alchemy tesimonial page  Click here 

I had a very tense knotted upper back and shoulder for 2 to 3 days- when I rubbed the meridian point you mentioned, and said the affirmations, it was gone! I am very grateful for releasing that pain. Thank you so much for this session with our group. I am going to buy the oils” – Maureen Callaghan,, Ontario, Canada

“I loved the FA session this evening – as mentioned, I did feel very relaxed and relieved from some of the tension I have been experiencing lately and look forward to deeper shifts in the next few days. The q&a was helpful too!” – Ana Zaharia – New York, U.S.A.

“I just want to thank you for tonight’s session. It was phenomenal. I was extremely tense for the last couple of days. Lots of emotions stirred up and lots to let go of still. This will come, I know it will. You were a natural doing this web session.. Congrats to you…. It was like having you sit next to me and going through the webinar. Loved it beyond expectations!!- Jeannette Doucette, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Facebook comments: From some who have experienced the oils or use them….some comments from my fb page. These were taken from one of my workshops.

Denisa Ronzani These oils are incredible

Daniela Oliveros Amazing indeed! Time to put them on x

Cathy Love And they are cat approved, Lord they snuggle when I have them on 🙂

Suzy Adra I have experienced that with my cats too!

Juanita SHay I LOVE these oils. —–And yes Sandra, Lynne Gower Smith does amazing work.

Melinda DeLong They are wonderfull!

Kyera Yalte they are Magical XX

Barbara Kathryn Pure Magic!

Kathy Temple Wow