Releasing Through the 12 Meridians

Healing has changed

A Brand New Potent Healing Program to clear our body’s meridians for a new reality

The 12 Meridians and the 12 Fields

Are you called to do this?                         

The old paradigms or ways of thinking are dissolving.  To be on the cutting edge of this new reality takes some learning and inward changing to step into this exciting time where we grow by inspiration and no longer by opposition.

Fragrance Alchemy Oils are specifically formulated to carry the frequencies of higher vibratory states to the meridians, and dissolve the negative emotions in the meridians. No other oils on the planet have their high frequency and potency that can dissolve the emotional debris that is stuck in the meridians. They are here to clear the way for the higher vibrations that some people are starting to feel. They work in-person and/or remotely. The meridians hold our intent for manifestation, and flow our life energy — nothing can manifest in our life that is not activated in the meridian system.

Releasing emotions through the 12 meridians brings in healing that happens alchemically and by resonance now into the meridians that also lead to the body organs. Puts us back into the joy of life, the happiness we feel and the inspiration to engage life in new ways. 

FA Oils

This program is targeted for a special audience:

  1. For those who hope to be able to bring more healing into their life, or are on a spiritual path of learning.
  2. For those who hope to have a future business in healing, or who already have a healing business.
  3. For those who would like to work globally to have a broader reach. These tools give you a wide field to be able to work in.
  4. For those looking to do healing with not just one person, but with groups.
  5. Highly effective for EFT Practitioners, Reflexologists and TCMs.
  6. Those looking to learn how to manifest powerfully – (Manifestation is no longer direct and intentional.) It is a side-effect to living the full power of the meridians
  7. Looking to learn how to regeneraterejuvenate and heal the body.

This is also for those who may be feeling a lot of different emotions right now.  Life is drastically changing and you may be feeling off-balance, such as:

  • Sensing a feeling or knowing, that “I am here to bring something out”, however not sure how to bring it out and not sure quite what that is.
  • A feeling of being lost and without direction that may be mistaken for depression.
  • You find you are not fitting in like you used to.  The resonance with certain people you have been sharing life with just is not there anymore.
  • You are misunderstood and get hostile reactions or resistance when you do speak up. You may hold back because you simply feel in dissonance with what you see around you.
  • Things that used to interest you or bring you enjoyment leave you feeling flat.
  • Old emotions you thought you had gotten over are resurfacing.

What is happening is that the new reality is seeking to emerge, but the old overlays of illusion are blocking it. The ways of navigating life in the old reality no longer serve, as the new reality is vastly different.   The secrets of manifestation no longer apply, as they only worked in the old. It is time to upgrade the body so that it can attune to the new.


Releasing emotions held in the 12 meridians and their organs brings profound healing that happens alchemically now. The organs ‘organize’ life, and when the trapped stories of pain are released, life can more easily upgrade to the new.

The Heart’s love moves from directional, to impersonal, such that you love without pain.  The healed Heart restores the joy of life—we become self-referencing for approval, self-supportive– releasing neediness, and allowing others their freedom. This opens us to engaging life in new ways, which is the basis for regeneration of the body. 

I invite you to experience the vitalizing power of these rare fragrances that can shed age-old debris and density from the body, and support a wondrous life of freedom beyond programs of aging and decay.

Done through new techniques that have just surfaced for easier release. In combination with the oils, profound release and transformation is made so much easier.

I invite you to experience the vitalizing power of these rare fragrances that can shed age-old debris and density from the body, and support a wondrous life of freedom beyond programs of aging and decay.

Done through new techniques that have just surfaced for easier release. In combination with the oils, profound release and transformation is made so much easier.

Learn how to release and transform emotions from the meridians. Here are the main ones dealt with.

  • Grief, Intolerance, Frustration & Bitterness, Guilt, Disappointment, Remorse, & Opposition to Change
  • Disgust/Distain, Greed, Shame & Blame, Worry, Anxiety, Self-destructiveness & Mood Swings
  • Joylessness, Pain, Self-Pity & Neediness, Insecurity/Overwhelm, Sadness, Abandonment, & Feeling Unheard
  •  Fright/Shock, Impatience, Restlessness & Feeling Unfulfilled, Indecision, Loss, Victimization/Sense of  Injustice
  •  Emotional Injury, Addiction, Jealousy, & Regret, Hopelessness, Depression, Despair & Suicidal
  •  Rage, Impotence, Self-Importence,& Stagnant/Stuckness, Protectiveness, Desire to Save, Anger, Obessiveness & Phobias

When you live the truth of who you are and express authentically, you invite magic into your life and the lives of those around you.

Fragrance Alchemy comes from the great Seer Almine.

New techniques in emotional alchemy in the meridians is the work of Anita Zarkel-Briggs

Date: Thursdays:  tba
Time: 6:00pm – 7:15pm EDT, 7:00pm – 8:15pm ADT
Place: On Zoom 

Cost: Special intro offer: 12 week full program: $720.00 + tax
Can be paid in two payments of $360.00 + tax
Can be paid monthly $240.00 + tax
Or pay all at once for $690.00

Fragrance Alchemy Oils need to be purchased. Full set of 12 oils = $110.00US + tax and shipping (oils last 6-8 months if used daily).   

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Fragrance Alchemy tesimonial page  Click here   

I had a very tense knotted upper back and shoulder for 2 to 3 days- when I rubbed the meridian point you mentioned, and said the affirmations, it was gone! I am very grateful for releasing that pain. Thank you so much for this session with our group. I am going to buy the oils” – Maureen Callaghan,, Ontario, Canada

“I loved the FA session this evening – as mentioned, I did feel very relaxed and relieved from some of the tension I have been experiencing lately and look forward to deeper shifts in the next few days. The q&a was helpful too!” – Ana Zaharia – New York, U.S.A.

“I just want to thank you for tonight’s session. It was phenomenal. I was extremely tense for the last couple of days. Lots of emotions stirred up and lots to let go of still. This will come, I know it will. You were a natural doing this web session.. Congrats to you…. It was like having you sit next to me and going through the webinar. Loved it beyond expectations!!- Jeannette Doucette, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Facebook comments: From some who have experienced the oils or use them….some comments from my fb page. These were taken from one of my workshops.

Denisa Ronzani These oils are incredible

Daniela Oliveros Amazing indeed! Time to put them on x

Cathy Love And they are cat approved, Lord they snuggle when I have them on 🙂

Suzy Adra I have experienced that with my cats too!

Juanita SHay I LOVE these oils. —–And yes Sandra, Lynne Gower Smith does amazing work.

Melinda DeLong They are wonderfull!

Kyera Yalte they are Magical XX

Barbara Kathryn Pure Magic!

Kathy Temple Wow